Hey…did you know this about me? I’m totally contagious and infectious? It’s true. Seriously… I’m slowly taking over the world with my “sunny” disposition and my infectious laugh and smile and I brought friends–friends you don’t even know, but, they’re closer than you could imagine! If you’re reading this…I probably got you already! LOL I know…it’s almost criminal how I insinuate myself into people lives, to secretly ask them to find the joy, happiness and love in the small things, the big things, actually…all things. –Almost deceptive how it is that  I set the buddha-boobie trap  for anyone who chooses to see that everything, everything, everything can and is funny–if only you’d agree to see it!
It’s been said before that humans love drama, creating work where there is none and that we take ourselves and lives waaayyy too seriously! And, my goodness, its true… But, I gave it up, not for lent, but, for life. Life is soooo good, once you “get it”. And, so…I’m spreading love like… Peanutbutter (and, jam, jelly, honey–yo’, we got it all)! Heehee…that’s actually a saying, albeit, it’s my saying. Feel free to use it if you like. How contagious am I? How infectious???? Oh…VERY! If you spend a few moments with me, your first thoughts might be, “She’s weird!” Yeah, thanks… I know, I’m good with it. Spend a little bit longer time, you’ll think…”She’s weird, but, funny!”  Spend a day, you’ll find yourself smiling at me, but, not sure why. Give me a week, you’ll notice that your face and tummy are hurting from sooo many belly-laughs, but, it doesn’t matter, cause you’re having a good time. And, then there’s that voice thingy, I leave people with. I’d explain it, but, I don’t want to give away any trade secrets.
Make no mistake, I’m a hard-ass, I’m by the book, I believe that your word is your bond. And, I don’t believe in excuses, but, reasons–and, they’d better be good. BUT! I also believe in having fun, making fun, making good memories and having excellent stories to tell. So…yeah, don’t try to be miserable, depressed, or negative around me, because…I’ll get you, I’ll get you without uttering a word. Remember that song by R.E.M. “shinning happy people holding hands”???? Yeah, they were talking about me, so…if you dare….come closer, come closer…soak up the love, positive energy…taste some…taste good, right??? Yeah??? Good… Now…you’re INFECTED!!! Quick…go share it with others! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!  Blessing to all souls…you’re dearly loved.
Love Peace Happiness N One,
How did Sam-I-Am get that dude to eat green eggs ‘n ham??? Easy– smiling, sweet, persistence! We will not be denied! 😉 

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