So, let’s talk about commitment–actually, I wanted to talk about it last night, but, myspace had other ideas….
Commitment it one of those words that tend to make people cringe because we link it to relationships and marriage. But, it’s simpler than that. Even though I,  too have been one of those people that feels a slight pang in the tummy when hearing the word commitment–which is odd giving I was with the same person for 8yrs and married to him for 6 1/2. But, I am actually very good at commitment.
Commitment to anything shouldn’t be taken lightly. I do not commit myself to anything I don’t believe in. But, here’s something I do commit to freely, passionately: love. And, I think, once committed to it, is easier to be with, to experience, to do and to be. But, the secret is, the first person you must commit to loving is YOU. If you cannot, all else is pointless. Thing is, we give ourselves a much harder time than we do everyone outside us. We tend to forgive and explain away other people’s shortcomings but, cannot fathom the ideas of doing it for ourselves. Yet, finding this love for ourselves unconditionally and committing to it — is the secret to happiness. That big thing everyone is desperately trying to find.
I, like most of us am a work in progress. I think of myself as a story still being told, there will be (and has been) all sorts of twists, turns, mishaps, stumbles and truly ugly falls. But, it’s my story and I love it. It’s an adventure and I’m excited to be the main character. And, I’m committed to having a good time being me, no matter what. I have to be honest, I no longer think of my shortcomings as something negative, but, something to work on and become better at.
In being able to be committed to loving myself. I can easily be committed to loving my friends, family, pets…um…let’s be real–everything. Now, by no means does that mean, I don’t still get angry. Today alone, I probably threatened to kick the asses of seven men. Why? Because of my low tolerance for cat-calls, hisses and the idea that I actually get dressed to appease their vile, low-energy, never-gonna-happen lustful thoughts they verbally point into my direction. And, the thing is, I’m sure every single male who I threatened to do bodily harm to, believed I could. And, you know what??? They’d be right. LOL Yet, even in their ignorance, I loved them. Proved by the fact, they all still live and breathe above the earth as opposed to within her womb. See, commitment isn’t easy, I didn’t say it was. But, it is rewarding. LOL
I’m committed to enjoying my life, living my life–not just survive it. Some one recently said to me that he was a “survivor”, quite proudly too. And, here’s the thing, that’s not what it’s about. Life is about experiencing all there is to experience. It’s about having a story to both tell and live–not survive. That word? That word makes me think of wars, natural disasters, terminal illness. And, even still, once you “survive” those experiences, what is there left to do with your life, but, live it? Survival is what you do when threatened with death, but, do we really wake up with that kind of mentality everyday? Is that what people are committing themselves too these days? Hmmm…if so, that explains the persistent angst. There’s a flip side and I think people should reconsider where their commitment lies.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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