Have you ever wondered whether or not someone is aware of doing something wrong, when they do it? And, if they know what they do is wrong, why do they continue to do so? Does everyone have a conscience? And if so, why doesnt it work to prevent us from doing wrong?
First, yes, everyone does have a conscience. It is as human as birth. But, it can only speak to you, it cannot make you listen or do the right thing. The conscience, I believe is where the divine spark speaks and advises us on how to bring forth both our desires and dreams. The exchange is that we must work for these things. And, the work may vary. Today, it could be going to a job and performing a task to get us one step closer to what we want, or, bringing it one step closer to ourselvesdepends on how you view it. Tomorrow, the work may be that we reform our thinking in regards to ourselves and how we operate. Bottom line: there will always be an exchange.
So where then, does the wrong-doing come into play? That is simple, when we try and tip the scales of exchange into our own favor. For example, you want an item from a store, but, you havent the money to purchase the item. Your conscience might say, Be patient, wait, and soon youll have the money for what you desire. But, there is something else that may speak as loudly that says, I want it NOW! I dont want to wait! Now this is a critical point, because if they person chooses to wait, they leave the store empty handed today, only to return for the item in the future. But, what if they choose otherwise, what if they choose to take the item, without doing the money exchange? Then the result becomes a crime: thievery. There was a moment when the conscience and its counterpart spoke, and the person in the middle, aka (you) made a choice to listen to one and not the other. Butone cannot deny the conversation took place.
The conscience is always talking, but, we may not always be listening. We tend to bombard our senses with other distractions, making it not only hard to hear, but, harder to listen. But, there are always those times that we are quiet and it can be heard. Daily,  we all have the opportunity to hear and listen. One: right before you fall asleep. The other: right before you wake up. Those, I believe are the major times of day. I do not know anyone who can deny theyve heard or had deep thoughts and ideas during those times. They may not be able to recall what was said, but, they know it was something.  Those that meditate (and theres hundreds of ways to do so) are consciously trying to expand the capacity to hear the conscience speak. They are willing to do the exchange so ast to reap the benefits thereof. Others, sadly enough are not. And, when they attempt to resist the exchange, they end up hurting themselves in some way. They become angry, resentful and often believe that there may be a conspiracy against them, which simply isnt so. The truth is: the exchange cannot be avoided if you wish for the desired effect to occur correctly. Otherwise, you are attempting to steal a reward that you have not paid for. And, the effects of your work or, lack thereof will reflect that.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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