My second tattoo is on the outside of my right ankle. And, it is a chinese character that means “great family”. One thing I should say about my tattoos. All of my tattoos have meaning. They aren’t by accident, they come in visions, and I spend a lot of time understanding the details before I have the work done. This particular tattoo is a bonding point between my nephew and myself. Or, that was its original intent, but, it is so much more.
Whenever I go to get a pedicure in a place where the person working on me is Chinese, there’s always this huge gasps whenever they read my tattoo. “Ohhhh…. do you know what this means?!”, They ask. See, “great family” means more than just your family…it means ALL FAMILIES. The insect kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mamals, the fish…the universe! Yes…that is what my tattoo means.
Why am I tell you this? I’m telling you this because people tend to forget that we are indeed a great family. They tend to focus on what they want, their place, and their desires, forgeting that everything they think they are, or want is connected to everything and everyone else. They forget about “the great family”.
By talent  I am an artist, by study a thespian, and by trade a businesswoman. I am all these things, and maybe many more. But, I do not overestimate my place in the world, nor do I underestimate your place in it. Tell me, what is an artist without an audience??? Truly? You want the answer? LOL… Mad! That’s what we are. Artist are in constant torment to express ourselves, to talk, paint, sing, or write about the world from our point of view. In hopes of reaching an audience who “understands”, “relates” and “appreciates” our point of view. If anything to reassure us that we aren’t as crazy as we sometimes feel.
And, what of the business person? A business person is in the business of sales. If you have a trade, product or service, you must have customers. What is a businessperson without customers??? Truly? Mad! LOL…See because what good are products, services, or ideas if there is no one to buy the? And, if you look at anything in life and break it down to its smallest pieces you’ll discover a universe in a tiny microcosm. Or, the circle of life as it also called, or…The Oneness of all things, as it is also known to some.
I suppose we all could get caught up in our tiny little sliver of the pie of life. But, what would a painter do without the horse, the squirrel, the beaver? Or, a tree, or a cotton blossom, or rocks, or bugs? An painter you ask? What do those things have to do with a painter? Ask a painter what the finest brushes are made of, or where canvas comes from, or where you may find the most beautiful of pigments? Ask. And, then it will remind you both of the importance of all things. 
Business people tend to frown on my people, the performers. I work in finance, and I have the conversation all the time where my people, the entertainers, the thespians, are looked down upon. A little theatre history 101. Once upon a time, when we lived in tribes and villages… It was the performer who told the stories, danced the dances, or sung the songs of our ancestors. It was the players that explained religion, history and love to the people. As most, could not read. And, now…business people look to make more money so they can go to that concert, that play, that movie, or set up an at home theatre to enjoy the performances of the modern day player. And, when these people dress in their fine clothes… They are wearing the designs of an artist, woven by an artists, dyed by an artist, sewn by yet, another artist. When you break that down for them, they get it.
My point is this… we are all important, we are all necessary and all those things should be honored and respected.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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