When I slow down–yes, it does happen! ; )  Uh hmm… as I was saying… When I slow down, and breathe, I re-realize, how much I love my life! It’s sooo good. Now, I don’t know that it’s any more extraordinary than anyone else’s, but, I love it. And, it’s all because of the small things. Therefore, I’m convinced that a good time is comprised of the building blocks made of good small things. Like for example…breathing. We take it for granted, but, I like breathing–there’s the obvious reasons like–you’re not dead. But, then there’s the art of breathing. Now, again, I’m an actor, classically trained and everything, so, I know that breathing is important to projecting your voice and that’s the difference in being heard and not heard. Breathing, allows us to physcially exert ourselves, whether it be on the treadmill, or the dance floor. And, breathing allows me to sing. I love singing! Breathing is the magic that makes my vocal chords work. And, it makes me pretty happy when I sing. I don’t know if I sing for others or myself, because either way I’m having a great time. Breathing may not be so mind-blowingly important to you, but, think about the last time you had a cold and breathing was labored? Then  you might want to reconsider the importance and beauty of it. But, ultimately, breathing is key for my meditations. And, those, for me are must-must.
Today is Sunday, and I spent most of today quietly at home with my cats. And, they make me really happy. People don’t understand the importance of pets unless they, themselves have them. My cats are sooo cool! And, while we all co-exist very well, together, we also spend lots of quality time together too. My cats and I take naps together, cuddle and chill together. And, then of course, we play together. They are a huge factor to my zen-zone. I have three and I seriously cannot imagine my my life without Azure, Oracle and Zealot. They kinda keep me grounded and present, when I’d maybe rather not be.
I also did some minor shopping in my neighborhood of Bushwick, that’s Brooklyn for those who don’t know. I love my neighborhood! It’s a total urban neighborhood, but, it is a neighborhood. I go to the same grocery store and produce market all the time and I know these people and they know me. The sweet Chinese man who picks up/delivers my laundry is my friend! No, I don’t do my laundry–that’s why I work! lol But, anyway, this man is so much my friend that when I lost some earrings in the laundry, he found them and brought them to me! It made me cry, because neither one of us speak the other’s language–yet have such a love for one another. The place where I get my chinese take-out, know exactly what I order and that I like using chopsticks to be delivered with my food. The Mexican Diner I go to, knows I always order tamalas and cafe con leche for breakfast on the weekends.
My local park, Maria Hernandez is the weekend hub. It’s not huge, but, it’s gorgeous, busy and a rainbow of color. You see families picnicing under the trees, kids playing ball, and people chilling on the benches.  I go there almost every Sunday, just to take in the sun and the energy of my neighbor.
These…these are the little things, that ensure a good time. The little things–the things we take for granted. Okay…back to my jazz music…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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