So, life continues to be great. My complaints (when they do happen) are few. I was listening to the lesson being given over the internet the other day, and something that was said really hit home for me. And, it was this: “You don’t have problems–you’re just bored!” Now, that message wasn’t just to me per se, but, humankind equally. It was said that there’s this hidden belief in our pysches that views problems as part of the dramas we use to prove we exist. And, the though problems may arise, more people tend to complain about their problems rather than solving them–and when they do, they create more problems so that they’ll have something to say. Can we live life without problems? I believe we can and if we solved more problems we’d see that the ones that do arise wouldn’t be the same but, different. I personally don’t like the word problems, I look at problems like challenges. And, challenges are like playing tetris. You’re always given the right shape, it’s the strategy of using the shape that allows you to win the game. So, if you’re a video game playing geek, if you can think abstractly, you’ll see how you may actually have an advantage over others in terms of solving problems. All you need to do, is figure out what your tools are, come up with a strategy and execute it.
Another thing I’m getting better at is letting things and people be. In this way, I’m becoming more laid back. I know, I’m surprised too! I’m becoming more comfortable with being controversial, weird, and extraordinary. I’m cool with being a blinding bright light spiritual being having a human experience. I’m fine with those who get what I’ve been saying and those who are still scratching their heads wondering what the fuck I’m talking about! LOL I told someone fairly recently, that you don’t have to understand something to “know” it. I think the winds of change are seriously blowing, some people are aware, some aren’t. But, the truth of the matter is, the rules of how we live are changing and logic as we know it is and will too. And, I find that the more I keep what’s called in Zen Buddhism “the beginner’s mind”, the more I’m enjoying myself. A smart teacher is always a student. Growth is an infinite process, so get there when you do, or choose not too. But, to me, true freedom is being  you as authentically as possible. And, not needing the validation of someone else. Now, if you subscribe to that belief and apply it, know that you’ll be considered controversial, weird and a whole bunch of other things. But, hey…that’s what they call everyone right before a time of enlightment. Just think, we went from no language, to speaking, to writing, to telepathy…(yeah, some people do have this ability). So…we’re not done evolving yet. And, I’m relaxing into that idea everyday.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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