So, twice… Twice during a reading I’ve been asked by a questioner what their life purpose is… Oh my, my… what have we become as a species, when we are looking to one another to tell us what our purpose is here. Short answer: I have no idea why you are here! LMAO But, in a lot of ways… the question is irrelevant. It’s not the “why” that’s important, its the “what are you going to do?” –now, that–that is a question. What if, you didn’t have to have an agenda for being here at all? What if you’re here, because you wanted to be and nothing more? What would you do?

You probably don’t realize it, but, almost as soon as we can walk, talk and comprehend, society thrusts rules, responsibilities and purposes onto us. You don’t know what you’re doing, so, you need some rules! You don’t know how to develop, let’s give you some responsibilities… You have no idea how to be yourself, so, let us regulate and restrict what you can be. We are so imposed upon, that we literally get used to someone else telling us all the things we need to know about ourselves, and then wonder why that shit isn’t working?! Hahaha! Yes, my dear friends… Laugh… Laugh about the confusion… Laugh at the the illusions of our world as they begin to break up, fall away and disappear. Under all that muck, of “shoulds”, “supposed to”, “expectations” and such… under that crap is the real you wondering if you’ll ever find yourself. What I do know for sure is… you’re in there somewhere. Don’t worry about it, if you choose to start looking for you–you’re sure to find you, and you may be surprised to find out that you are NOTHING like other people and society told you–you were. And, you know what?? It’s all good!

Life is an opportunity to express yourself. Painters become inspired by people and landscape, they pick up a brush and paint their feelings on it. Poets attempt to capture their feelings in words–musicians in music, and my people… the actors… performance. But, we’re all looking at the same landscape and people. And, yet… our expressions on what we saw are different in the subtlest ways. And, now…now, now more than ever is the time in which everything “seems” to be falling apart for us to break the molds of life, that never existed any place but, our minds… And, now…with the walls of containment falling down, crumbling and literally being removed from our line of sight–we’re freaking out to find, the world is bigger than we first thought, we are bigger than we first thought, and thus, our lives can be bigger than ever before.

Please feel to freak out here…  I’ll wait…

Oh, don’t forget to breathe…

Yes, I know finding out there’s no box, rules or real limitations… yes… yes… keep breathing… 😉 You’ll be fine. How do I know? If you are still reading this, and are still embodied… it’s going to be okay. If you accidentally had and O.B.E. please report back to your body… you can do this. lol

I’m only half joking… Some people use society to define themselves, rather than going into themselves, and asking all the questions that they assumed someone else knew the answers to.

Listen… I’m a psychic medium… I advise… I clarify choices… I don’t make the choices, nor do I deal with your consequences. I simply say… “These are the options I can see. If you choose this… that may happen. If you choose something else, well, then… something else may happen.” But, I’m very, very, very careful NOT to tell you what to do. Why? Um… I’m not taking responsibility that doesn’t belong to me. Two, your work should earn your rewards! It’s all you, about you, and you should reap the benefits, thereof. But, how the heck can you do that if you will not take a chance on yourself?? How can you figure yourself out, if you are too scared to be alone with your thoughts,  your feelings, and yes…even your fears?

Pausing for you to breathe again… 🙂

Keep breathing… Yes… I just told you to go into yourself, and see if anyone’s home… And, you’re not sure there is… What if they hate you? What if they don’t want to talk to you, because their mad, that you abandoned them? And, what if that is true? How the heck are you going to resolve any internal issues you may have with yourself, if you do not go inside and work it out? If you do not spend the time alone, allowing yourself the freedom and “space” to say and feel whatever, without allowing the droning voice of society to put you “back into your place”? Has anyone, besides me ever thought that putting someone in their place, usually means, behind, or under someone else–like no matter what, they are one, and you are two? And, if you were a kind, and unselfish person, you would be cool with never being number one. Ahem… well, I have two birds extending from my palms and if you listen closely you can hear them chirp the beautiful sound of  “Fuck you, fuck you!” Lmfao… Why should you ever get use to being number 2? Why should any of us? So, that we can lose ourselves as quickly as possible? Ah…no–not interested.

The world as we know it is leaving, and something new is emerging… The jobs that once were are no longer… the “dreams” sold to us via culture, religion, government, or tradition… they’re going… AGAIN… BREATHE… Just because these things are going…doesn’t mean you are. What it means is, you are now in unknown territory. And, if you look around, you aren’t alone… The whole planet is right here with you. Now…we can fight amongst ourselves about the rules, that clearly no longer apply–as, we continued to move forward, even if some of our ideas didn’t. Or, we can recognize the opportunity to encourage one another to go in search of ourselves– To find out who you are in your core, but, no only that… we have the opportunity to encourage one another to learn to trust ourselves first, and foremost. This–this is something untried, this is something that will bring new ideas, new creations, new… well… EVERYTHING!

Do you need to breathe again? Check yourself… are you breathing? No? I’ll wait again.







You think it’s funny, but, do you know how many people DO NOT know how to breathe properly?? If your inhale didn’t touch your belly button from the inside… You didn’t actually take a proper deep breath. Exactly! –Go back if you need to… And, I know a lot of you do! 😀

In a very short time…the world that some of us have already lived in will become stories we bore our children, and grandchildren with. They will want to know how this “Great Shift” went down. Let us be able to share that the Great Shift was the elevation of the masses, by encouraging us all to remember and honor the individual.

If you’re in there… and, I know  you are… Come out! It’s time!


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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