Yes, I know what day it is… I know where I was when it happened. And, frankly, I don’t need to be reminded every year, because I, along with countless others was traumatized enough during the actual event that its unlikely I’ll ever forget. –Just like I’ll always remember where I was when the first bombs of Desert Storm were dropped.  Something is very wrong with a country, a society, a world that celebrates tragedy more than victory, that fears you’ll forget the horrors that the country has endured before it was even an actual country. Funny, we’re never warned to never forget happy occasions, or encouraged to heal from any of the wounds we as citizens of the free world have endured.
Honestly, I can barely watch tv anymore… I’m soo disgusted with it. Thank all the light in the universe that I wasn’t watching the VMAs on Sunday. If perchance Britney Spears hasn’t ruined herself enough, the media, complete strangers and former fans will help her with it. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Britney Spears, and because she worked too hard, for too long, and made too much money in a short-period of time, this breakdown was bound to happen. Again…a country that builds people up, puts them on pedestals, so that they can rejoice in the person’s downfall. Today, we rip Britney Spears, a living human being, with a (estranged) family, with kids, who got caught up in the dirty side of of music, fame and celebraty–  monster industries that we all feed, and the next day, we remind eachother that we aren’t allowed to “forget” those that died in 9/11. Twisted… there’s no other way to say it.
Listen…none of us may have had anything to do with the attacks on the WTCs, but, should that very sad, fragile, confused, immature, little girl from Kent, LA not make it through this… I don’t know how people are gonna live with themselves. We all are watching the media rip this 25 yr.old girl to shreds. Why? Because she’s behaving like the f-ed up star we made her? Again, I’ve never bought a Britney Spears album, or, went to a concert, but, I have read the gossip, looked at the paparazzi pictures, and wondered, how far off the breakdown would be. And, on top of all this they’re calling the girl fat! Hello?! People, the average woman in the US is a size 14! Britney is probably a size 6! Which means, she’s anything but, fat! And! And! And, she’s had two kids via C-section! What? Is she something beyond human because she has money?! Should we celebrate her melt down because we didn’t work our butts off like she did to get that dough?! I mean, I don’t think she’s very talented, but, I do know enough about her to know, um…she did all the work to make herself a star, it wasn’t handed to her–that, I can respect! And, like a young black man from Brooklyn (Biggie), who met an untimely death said, “Mo money, mo problems!” So, rich people aren’t exempt from being miserable, depressed, or whatever. Matter of fact, if you check the statistics, its probably the exact opposite of what you think it is.
The media is just crawling with the ickies. Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, and the comics like that are a bunch of mean-spirited, vicious, ugly people, both literally and figurately! And, to me, it doesn’t matter where your ugly is, but, if I had a say in it, I’d rather you be physically ugly, rather than have an ugly soul! Beautiful souls make for beautiful people, and the same is true with ugly people. The illness has been around for so long, I have to wonder if we’re ever going to be well with ourselves and within ourselves ever again. As for me… I’m not doing this, I don’t want to be infected with the sickness, and I’m seriously taking each opprotunity to distance myself from it in anyway I can think of. –Not down with the sickness! I’m down for the healing!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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