You know, it never ceases to amaze me that we’re always learning the same few lessons. The job I’m working now, brings back an old familar phrase…”team work.”  And, seriously, if you’re in a group and want to get things done–play for the team, not yourself.
I’m in a position where I’m in charge of doing the paperwork for promotions and office moves for almost 200 people. And, it’s become quite clear that people want things done yesterday, but, want it, while dropping the ball on their portion of getting the job done. And, I swear to you, that this is the mentality that is holding the us as a species back from evolution! –Wtf? You’re not getting it, are you? I’ll break it down…
Ride with me…
It’s like this…. We live in a world where everyone feels that what they do is more important than what someone else does. So, they don’t need to be thoughtful in doing their parts, because what they do is of significance, stressful–you know meaning ful. As opposed to what someone of a lower title does. Really, though? So, if a car doesn’t require all of it’s components, then what’s the importance of breaks? Or, spark plugs? Or, shocks? Or…? If the body doesn’t require all of it’s parts, why do we have them? Yes, you can replace parts with substitutes, but, the machine doesn’t work to it’s top potential, does it? Thus the world we live in! We live in a world with too many egos, and not enough compassion. Everyone has significance–and as long as we continue to view ourselves more important than another…nothing will be resolved! No peace, no end of war, poverty…no lasting happiness. Globally…we’re all a team, and it’s something we should recogize. If one piece isn’t working–none of it’s working!
The same goes for our planet. We humans, think we own nature, which is untrue–we’re part of it. And, if for a second you thought we really run this planet– I’m guessing the unbelievable heat all over the planet has proved otherwise. Try to tell a hurricane  you own it. Try to tell a forest fire, you think it should reconsider burning. How about a tidel wave that’s traveled hundreds of miles to deliver itself to your back door. WE OWN NOTHING HERE! Yet, we are the main contributing factors to the dis-ease of our lives, our planet, our homes and our workplace. Why? Because we think we what we’re doing is more important than what the person in front or behind us is doing. We think building a big house is more important than breathing, or did you forget the trees allow us to do that? An SUV is a sign of financial success–hmm is that more important than not frying to a crisp because we’re erroding the atmosphere???, Everyone is waiting for everyone else to acknowledge that they have a responsiblity to the team to do their part and do it well, and there’s is absolutely NOTHING getting done! Yet you complain. And, not for nothing, but, those who complain and contribute nothing, please–button it. Life isn’t a spectator sport. If you’re not on the field, stay silent in the stands!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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