I wonder at us sometimes–us humans. And, our incessant, twisted tendencies to repeat ourselves. Whether it be words, deeds, or thought patterns, we tend to sometimes resemble a dog chasing its tail. You know, in my 35 years of life, I’ve yet to see one dog catch their own tail. –Off subject, but, it just occurred to me, I haven’t.

You know we start with what we think is a “good intention”, but, more often than not, it’s a shoddy idea, that we’ve not thought out very well, and without strategy. A lot of times we consciously, or unconsciously use shady methods to get what we want. And, then we wonder why we fail. We wonder why it seems as if we’re stuck on square one. And, why no matter how far we think we’ve traveled, in the end, we realize the only place we’ve gone is crazy.

So, how do you do it? How do you break the cycle of different day, same stupid idea, and useless methodology?! Short answer: Become aware of yourself. And, be honest about it. We pay so much attention to what other people are doing, and almost no attention to how we are doing. And, therefore, we fall prey to our own issues, hang-ups, or what have you. If you aren’t consciously aware of what makes you tick, then you really are a victim of yourself and your many aspects. It’s like there’s a series of puppet masters pulling your strings, plucking your nerves, and you feel completely helpless to combat them–problem is…their all you. And, even if you don’t want to own it–it’s still all your responsbility, and yes, you can help it. It just requires effort. We’re talking about the elbow-grease, nose-to-grindstone, type of effort. And, let’s face it, most people aren’t down with that–thus… circles.

So, our friend the dog goes on chasing its tail goes round and round for hours thinking it’ll finally catch the elusive enemy–but, what happens? The dog finally collapses in exhaustion. Now, see, that is the perfect time for the dog to rest and realize, perhaps it’s effort isn’t being use in the best possible way. We are no different. When we exhaust ourselves from doing the same things over and over, we are being given an opprotunity to think, feel, and strategize. We are being given the opprotunity create a line that will break the circle. People don’t see it as such, but, exhaustion can be a gift. It can provide space for creativity, inspiriation and insight. It’s not the exhaustion that we are truly looking for, but, the silence–the peace, the quiet, both in and out. Somwhere in all that quiet, in all that silence, is you, the real you, waiting to be discovered. If only we’d stop walking in circles long enough to pay attention.

Circles aren’t always¬† exhausting, assuming you recognize it for what it is. Circles are a symbol for completion, such as the revolution of the earth around the sun completing a solar year. Or, the phases of the moon, completing a moon cycle. Get it??? When you end at where you began, its supposed to mean you’re, finished, done, kaput. So, then, why would you start something again that you’ve already finished? Did you forget something on the first trip? Did you not “get” the lesson? Do you think that you do it “better” this time? Needless to say, these questions are personal, but, in order to honestly answer them, you’d have to know yourself pretty well, and what makes you tick.

I’m truly grateful, that over the years I’ve gotten better at knowing myself, and becoming better at making lines from my own circles. There’s a lot of life out there to be lived, many experiences to be had, and moments to be shared. For me, there’s nothing remotely exciting about repeating myself into infinity. And, I’d like to thank the Dog clan, for making it evident that chasing your own tail is both exhausting and counter-productive. Namaste, my four-legged friends.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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