I always find it interesting how people confuse spirituality, with passive aggressiveness.

Hey, just because I offer you an olive branch, doesn’t mean I won’t kick your ass if necessary…

Today, I listened to someone talk about how as they ascend on their personal spiritual journey, they are finding that people seem to be coming out of the woodwork to harass, or sometimes even attack them. And, for some reason people find it surprising that this is normal.

Yes, the more comfortable you become with yourself on a spiritual level, the more you find confidence in your own voice, your sense of well-being, the more you expect negativity energy, in the form of people to come and challenge you. It’s normal. What’s not normal is being road kill!

In my very core,  I am a very peaceful and loving spirit. But, I’m also aware, that there are some people who are walking around very angry, that there are people like me out here. –People who can laugh whenever they feel like it, who can find the humor in the mundane. –People who smile with their very soul, and whose smile seems to be so bright, it overshadows everything…

Yes, my happiness in its purest form sometimes pisses people off, because it reminds them of how unhappy they are. –How much work they still need to do on themselves. And, how the hell can you be so happy, when they are blazing mad, angry, scared, dark…etc. How can you be in the same world with these dark souls, and yet, still be in such light?!

What people who consider themselves enlightened don’t get it that part of being an envolved being is to be able to tap into all aspects of yourself when necessary. The person I mentioned before, not only was harassed, but, physically attacked by someone who was furious at her for no apparent reason. But, there was a reason, she had an energy of calmness about her, and the other woman wanted to knock it out of her. So, she punched her in the face! Yes! And, instead of defended herself, the “enlightened” woman, just retreated in shock.

Here’s the thing, I’d probably agree with retreating if 1. She hadn’t gotten hit. 2. This hadn’t been a recurring type of situation in her life. Bottomline:  The “enlightened” lady, isn’t as “enlightened” as she thinks. You are not better than anyone because you don’t retalitae, you are a whole being,when you make it clear you WILL NOT live in FEAR!

I’ve lived in NYC for over 18 yrs. and while I’ve been challenged many times to become a victim, I have NEVER been anyone’s victim. There’s something to be said for using the voice to defind one’s self, or, allowing the look of righteous rage to blaze from your eyes straight into the soul of a would-be attacker. I’ve experienced on more than one occassion that if you let a crazy person understand, you have no problem ENDING anything they want to START, they tend to back away. If you do not defend yourself–no one will.

And, let me be clear: I do not look for confrontation. I do not start fights, arguments, or anything of the sort. That isn’t a peaceful warrior. I have no desire to hold dominion over another soul. I honor freewill, but, but, BUT, I will NOT have my own freewill disrespected, or abused.

I will not tolerate the following:

1. Snide remarks
2. Verbal abuse.
3. Emotional abuse.
4. Manipulation.
5. Lying.
6. Physical abuse.
7. Coersion

My first reaction is a look of warning. My second reaction to so say something. My third reaction is to verbally warn you. My fourth… will be the wrath. And, that is never pretty.

Arch Angel Michael holds the sword of truth. The Indian Goddess Kali, wears a necklace of skulls, and skirt of limbs. A samurai warrior, is a devout buddhist. The crusaders, were devout Christians. The Goddess Pele is symbolized by the fire of a volcano, Native American Warriors, go through a shamanic ceremony before they go on a war party…

Every free, enlightened being must know that they can defend themselves, if challenged. And, when darkness understands that light does not mean weak, it will think a bit longer before it challenges it. That, I know first hand.

Love Peace Happiness N One.


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