It has been quite the week since my return from PA. I don’t know if you’ll get this or not, but, the collective conscience is shifting. And, we would all do well to go with it. We can no longer claim ignorance when it comes to knowing what’s best for ourselves and the planet. Too many people are awakening wondering what’s missing in their lives? For all the gluttony in the consumption of things, still people are realizing their lives are empty, and consumption is escapism in disguise. Exisiting isn’t living, and it’s becoming more and more aparent that one cannot subustitute the other.
As the frequencies speed up, the world is letting us know that it is far more powerful than we could imagine. Everything from natural disasters, to dolphins with legs, to monster squids are being discovered. Scientist have proven that your hands can glow in the dark.– Oh, I didn’t make up any of that, google it my friends and you’ll see. Now, while you may find this odd, remember that we only have been using 10% of our brains for lord knows how long. And, our evolution will probably involve the other 90% of the brain, that we weren’t using, and all the so-called “junk” DNA that for the life of them, doctors cannot figure out what its purpose is. LOL… I have to laugh at our need to label, box and organized things, or our need to “understand” and intellectualize things that not only doesn’t not require the brain’s input, but, is hindered by it. In my opinon it is our need to “understand” and “reason” that’s kept us from growing, and expanding. I highly doubt that when the other animals grow and expand as a species, they need to stop, pause, think and go foward kicking and screaming. Of course some may argue, that the other animals do not have the ability to reason, and I, being a pet owner would have to disagree. You’ve never seen my cat Azure ponder whether or not he’s going to do something that he knows will get him in trouble. Sometimes he decides to be good, other times…Well Azure is mischievious, so…. Heehee.
Whether we like it or not, growth isn’t an option, it is what we are meant to do. The freewill comes into play when we decide if we’re going to go with it, or resist. And, of course we all know, what we resists persists. So, seriously, if you see the wave coming toward you, wax up your surfboard and ride that thing like your life depends on it, because in essence…it does.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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