­Carpe Diem

So what will it be? Which way will it go?
–To say goodbye once more? Or, say, “Hello??”
Spin your wheels, my friend. Watch you sink into the ground…
Graves are for the lifeless, not a place for souls to be found.
Light is meant not to scare, nor, love made for you to flee…
Hush! Stop self-inflicting wounds! Allow yourself to be.
The shades you were painted are not your chosen colors…
But, the heavy-handed hues of fear, brushed onto you by others!
Awaken! See yourself clearly now–you morph into someone else.
Whose lurked in shadows all along, though their presence felt.
From silence, emerges the butterfly answering the breeze.
Upon you is the time, the moment–the NOW for you to seize.

— Monica

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