Sunday, Sunday….la, la, la…. Heehee. I love the weekends because I wake up later! I love sleep! I don’t get as much of it as I’d like… But, sleep and I??? We’re super close. Always have been.
Anyway, I woke up really happy, again. 😉 I realize, not enough people have this experience, but… most of the time, that is mine. I wake up and I’m happy to be here. I slept well, my body rested, my mind rested, and my spirit took the night off and went elsewhere. I don’t physically travel as much as I’d like in my time awake, so, pretty much after I close my eyes… I’m outta here! LOL
I talk about change a lot here, I talk about choices, and the consequences thereof. And, I don’t know whether or not people get it. But, for quite sometime its been very obvious to me that if you want certain aspects of your life to change, you must change the pattern of thought that goes along with them. I talk about this… A LOT, with various people. Yet, few really put this into practice. And, I believe that is because people truly don’t want to break their patterns of the certain experiences even though they know that these patterns are self-destructive and are killing them on so many different levels. As an artist, I look at it as people using the same technique to create life, and expecting a different result. That will never happen! NEVER! You cannot keep using the same bag o tricks and think somehow your life will get better! It won’t.
What has to happen, is that there has to be a rewire in the motherboard aka your brain. And, YES that is possible! Just as you were conditioned to become self-destructive,  you can recondition  yourself to heal, and become constructive. Changing your job won’t do this, changing your location won’t do this, changing your partner, friends, clothes, etc… that will not do this! Those things are only by products of the change within. And, if you are faking change within, expect it to be reflected in your everyday life. I think more people are at war within themselves on the inside, than all the wars on the planet combined. And, that’s sad. Why be at war with yourself? Why hate yourself for a specific conditioning, that created who you are? At some point in time, that is who you needed to be, and if that is no longer the case, you need only to change your thought patterns and practice until it sticks! Does this work? YES! I know it does, that’s how I live my life. And, no… I can assure you, I wasn’t always happy! And, those that have known me for decades knows this truth firsthand. In fact, my childhood was very unhappy, which is usually the case in a home where domestic violence hangs in the air in your primative years. And, yet… I remember so much so clearly, but, I’ve also made peace with it, and healed. Whew! That freaking saved my life, choosing to heal!
Anyway, as I am a very self-reflective, self-analytical person, I’ve never had much of a problem being my own therapist, so to speak. I’ve been having internal dialogue, and figuring things out as long as I remember. So, for those of you who think I talk a lot to the outer world….LOL… You should hear what goes on in here! Actually…it’s a party most of the time, you did see the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s video, didn’t you?! LOL… So, I know that I am the one who’s in control of my behavior. It’s not you, my boss, my mom or family (all 300 plus of them), it’s not my job, my friends, or some dude… It’s me, me, me…and oh, by the way…ME. Just like it’s YOU! You are the one recreating the life patterns in your head, that you live out here. So, if you don’t like it, be about the business of changing it. And, don’t let up, until it sticks, and when that happens, the old pattern simply dies off. So, you don’t have to wonder whether or not you’re going to slip into the old pattern. Unless of course you’re addicted to the pattern. The thing with addictions is that there are those that are healthy and those that are self-destructive. People are chasing the chemical high in their heads, whether it be the high that allows them to disappear from a situation for a while, or a high that allows them to show enthusiam for something they really don’t have. The question is which direction will you choose? Are you Ascending into a better version of yourself? Or, are you descending into a lesser version? Are you evolving into a better you, or spiraling downward into the abyss??? These are the ultimate choices we’re making, and, there’s no one to answer these, nor have these experiences than us.
I’ve always known this. But, last night, I saw a documentary that I’ve known about for at least three years, and I just watched it last night. And, what was sooo cool is all the validation I got from it. You know that book/movie “The Secret”? Well, I actually had heard about it about 3 1/2 years ago. And, at that time, it was swarming the spiritual/new age community for FREE! So, after watching it, I sent it to almost everyone I know. And, if you’ve seen it, then you know the importance of this film. Apparently it was important, because Oprah decided to give it some limelight. Well…as wonderful as the secret is, as expected people are attempting to misuse it for egotistical gains, and wonder then, why it doesn’t work? Um…well…that’s a secret too! LOL… And, I’m not telling you! Anyway… The film I saw last night was on Quantum Physics… And, it confirmed everything I’ve believed for quite sometime, it confirmed that YES, I have been moving in the right direction, and science and spirituality both (as they have always been companions despite what some would have us believe) support my thoughts. But, even if they didn’t, I’d still choose this, as I have manifiested amazing results. And, I’ve changed completely from the sad, angry little girl I once was. So…even if there was no scientific evidence of changing the brain and therefore changing your reality aka life… then I’d assume they (the scientist and religious communities ) are running a little late but, will catch up soon. That’s usually how it goes anyway.
Now…you could choose to listen to me or not… but…there it is… the information, the tools. Use them if you’d like!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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