­Unknown Nothing
I sometimes forget that just beyond the darkness awaits twilight
–Twilight so beautiful, I can only sigh to relieve my awe.

Midnight is not all there is. It is a place I can easily escape–
No matter how many times I’ve been there. And, I have again.

Just beyond the black moon, the dawn sings in hushed melodies.
“I’ll be back, I promise.” And, I have no reason to doubt it.

There is a balance, a dance of duality, which is nothing of the sort.
It is the wholeness of all things faceted, like a diamond cut of its rough.

Until its arrival, I will confer with the unlit moon…
Offer an ear to the moans of the restless winds…

Here in this moment of unknowing, of nothingness…
…Is all in its most infant potential.


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