Whew!!!! Almost there… Another work week almost completed. Time is a very fickle thing–slow, quick, slow, quick…Dude make up your freaking mind! When I’m at work you’re like a kid that ate too much cheese and the pipes are having issues. And, when I’m at home, its like someone slipped you some prune juice! LOL But, nonetheless…I’m grateful.
I’m in good spirits…okay, wait, even more good spirits. Dare I say it–“good-er!” LOL So much has happened in the last week, stuff that required me to wear my fanciest flowers in my hair, and offer my peeps to share my peace pipe (figurtively), and burn a lot of incense (shout out to buddha and nag champa) and candles. Say it with me now…”OOOOOOMMMMMM”.  But, you know what??? It’s all good. Me and mine, we’re so good, so good, so good (while some might hate it–we are)! At the end of the day, when you cannot seem to carry yourself, you’d better make sure you’ve put together a nice village, a tribe that will carry your ass, if needed. And, I HAVE THAT! Best freaking gifts I ever gave to myself are my friends. And, I don’t sleep on that–ever! I have people to make sure I don’t work myself into a fine powder, that I don’t worry too much, that I don’t accept the unacceptable, and if need be, to be there to kick someone’s ass if they don’t know how to treat me! (LOL) And, most of all, they KNOW me–all of me. They know  the sundeevah, the storm, the young jedi, the rock chick, the suthun’ girl, the hippie chick, the fashionista, and the warrior woman. THEY KNOW ME. There’s no smoke and mirrors here. While I do have many aspects, my people know all of them, and are cool with them. Otherwise…they aren’t my people.
Most people spend their lives trying to fit into someone’s idea of them, rather than just being who they really are. They try an collect things or accomplish things that are someone’s idea of success, and yet, when they get these things, its severely unfulfilling. Me? My thing has always been just to be able to express myself, so, I’m a multi-talented artist. And, hooray (!!!), I’ve reached the point where I’m totally comfortable being me, even when it makes  other people uncomfortable, which in my opinon wouldn’t bother them at all, if they were truly being themselves. Eh…not my river to cross, so, I won’t be paddling anyone else’s canoo (a native american who can’t spell canoe(?). How sad! LOL)
 Some people have ideas that who I am and what I’m about is somehow arrogant, judgmental, and…. Well, dude…it’s just not true. I’m down for people being themselves in all honesty, and when I smell bullshit, see theatrics and a one person game of hide and seek–well… I gotta say something. And, if you don’t want me to interrupt your game, don’t perform for me. I have a degree in theatre–I know bad acting when I see it.
I think one of the amazing accomplishments we can have as a soul on this plane is to be able to look one another in the eye and be honest about who we are, the person we’re seeing and sharing that moment together. Do you know how hard it is for people to look themselves in the eye, much less eachother?! Thus, people are having a hard time figuring themselves out, their purpose, their passion and what it’s all about. That makes me sad, but, all I can do is be me. And, hope happiness is more contagious than misery.
Anyway, regardless of whatever, I’m still choosing happiness, I will find the humor in everything. And, I will celebrate the awesome experience I’m having called: my life. It’s the best freaking ride ever!!!!  I love it!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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