Even in all my good intentions, I have a temper… It’s true. And, my temper is that of divine righteousness… What do I mean by that? What I mean is, what angers me is the mistreatment of our divine selves, by ourselves, or by one another. And, I’m going to be honest with you… I have no tolerance for it. None. 

Though I do not act on every observation that I make, it is a mistake to assume that I do not see you, or any acts of selfishness, cruelty or straight up ego-driven evil that is done in the service of a fear-based self. This is where people get me wrong… just because I’m not following my “normal” route of saying everything I think and feel, doesn’t mean you’ve found an angle that I do not comprehend.

I’m aware that my ability to observe intentions, read energy  (both conscious and subconscious) gives me information that can either harm or help a person, based on how I use the information. The truth is, most people live in such fantasies, such denial that just my being the mirror and reflecting them to themselves is enough to shatter their illusions. I’m aware of this…in my youth, I did this. I would say directly and bluntly what your deepest fears were, and watch you crumble with the truth of it. Why don’t I do that now? Simple: its your fear, not mine. It’s your fantasy, your lie, your denial, and truly… it has nothing to do with me. If you choose to live in a perpetual state of fear, of lies, and of self-inflicted torture… It is not my job to wake you up, nor  any soul, being, or entity… It’s YOUR JOB. I can ask you to awaken, which I do, just as the other souls do. But, ultimately you are God also, even if you’re the little I AM that secretly hates itself. –Doesn’t mean I don’t care for you, or love you…it means, I must honor your wishes aka Namaste.

I am a free soul… There are many that are incarnated right now. Souls who know who they are, why they are here, and what their purpose is. I AM Conduit of Healing. Anything, and anyone that comes near me will recieve energetic healing, whether that healing be truth, reiki, or any other form healing energy chooses to take….come near me, and you’re going to be healed. Period. If you are more interested in maintaing some sort of lie of a life, or, delusion of who you truly are, I implore you: STAY AWAY FROM ME. Healing is all I can do. Truth is all I choose to speak and live, and that is my contribution to the universe. Am I the only one?? No, of course not. There are millions more in the universe that have the same purpose: to heal, reveal truth, to help divine souls remember themselves. Those that are un-embodied do not have the complications that being human imposes. They have no ego to contend with, no mortal bodies that distracts with aches and pains, nor the sometimes debilitating pressure that is mass consciousness.  Sometimes I envy them, most times, I do not. I chose to be here, and I choose to stay. It’s not my first time, and won’t be my last.

But…the pull of fear grows thin and best…and, becomes increasingly annoying to those of us, who see quite clearly the lying that’s been the norm for way too long, the strings of fear that so many, unwilling to think and act as the individuals they were born to be–dancing like puppets to the music of someone else, rather than their sacred hearts. If that is what they choose so be it–but, do not under any circumstances expect me to watch, participate or agree. I do not and will not, and to attempt to make me…well…you’re asking me to defend my I AM. And, I will…with everything I AM. 😉

Clueless-ness underestimates clarity quite often. And, clarity does not tremble when clueless-ness speaks, nor does it feel challenged. It just simply waits and allows the clueless-ness to destroy itself. I AM is all there is…and, without knowing itself, it can be the greatest source of harm to itself. Not knowing who you are, is the source of all your fears, destructive attitudes, negative acts and feelings. Not knowing who you are can cause you to create situations where you will hurt yourself and others… It’s not the world that’s a danger to you–it is you who are a danger to yourself. It is  you who pulls in other willing souls to create situations, relationships and scenarios where you will ultimately feel pain, because you aren’t wise enough to understand learning through pain, isn’t the only way to learn. And, yes…we use other people to hurt ourselves all the time…. if you are able to self-reflect…you’ll see this truth very clearly. If not… well…that too is your choice.

Being who I am has and will continue to separate me from those who enjoy being unconscious, who enjoy the drama of delusion and lies, who are quick to blame others for their actions. And, you know what? I am grateful for this. I do not enjoy your company anymore than you do. If you found that harsh, perhaps its because I had the audacity to both say, and mean it. While others fight to stay asleep, that many more are stirring from their slumber and answering the call of consciousness. These are the souls who understand happiness is not an emotion so much as it is a state of being. Happiness isn’t as fleeting as some would like to believe– it is an ever-expanding space within ourselves, that comes as a result of  actively practicing be-ing who you really are, despite the drone of those who would deny you this type of freedom. Your happiness may be at the dismay of others, as it will remind them how unhappy they are. And, you know what? Be happy anyway. They could have their own happiness if they did their own work. Either way…it ain’t your problem, as long and you don’t take it on, and make it yours.

As I said…I’m not the only one of my kind. There are many I AM(s), who only know how to : Be Love, be honorable, be truth, live truth and heal with any and all tools or expressions available. And, we aren’t afraid to go there. Which sets us apart from the norm, and perhaps even…you.

Love Peace Happiness N One,




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