Man, I’m just grossed out, disgusted and dissapointed. I don’t know how else to describe it. I work in the financial industry, which you may or may not have heard (–if not, your rock is smothering you) is suffering from serious losses. As in billions of dollars on a quaterly bases. And, just this week two major financial firms released that they not only lost a combined total of about 7 billion dollars, but, they are cutting a combined total of about 13,000 jobs! I know its hard for some to fathom numbers like these, but, I unfortunately have been in the position where I’ve been able to watch first hand the detrioration of money in Corporate America, not to mention job loss. It’s awful! Seriously.
I’m not a huge fan of how the ideology of Capitalism has come to be practiced, as it is a flawed business model. And, yes…some will call me all sorts of things that I don’t care about. But, the idea to create a system where the wealth of a few are built on the backs of many really makes me want to hurl! The idea that people use war, prisions, drugs and the loss of life to generate and maintain wealth is just…ICK! I’m not saying that people need to believe my spiritual way of life, but, I am saying that the idea that there isn’t enough food, shelter and space for all of us is lunacy! And, our system in this country is based upon this illusion, or…the pyramid scheme if you will. And, now that the flawed system is finally falling apart, instead of figuring out that we need to become innovative and create a new business model, we are playing the blame-game, pointing fingers, and brandishing daggers to stab eachother in the back.
Over this past week, I watched  office politics get to the point of psychological and emotional abuse, all because people are stressed as to whether or not they are going to have a job the next day. And, no, I’m not exaggerating. You leave work on a Friday and walk into being laid-off the following Monday, no warning, no explaination and in some cases, no severance. I’ve seen new mothers get laid-off while on maternity leave, or be told that there would be no job for them to comeback to afterward! I’ve seen people actually use gossip and email trails to try to set one another up to get fired! Forget about dog-eat-dog, it’s more like watching animals eat their own young!
So, what happens when the world’s largest consumer group aka the USA experiences a recession? What happens to the rest of the world? Well, let’s see what CNN says. Warning: it ain’t pretty. But, seriously, my consumer-fiending fellow Americans, do we really need all this stuff? Is there really a shortage on food? Hmmm… Well, apparently not, assuming you’re willing to undergo some life changes. –What’s a freegan anyway??? Am, I telling you that’s the way to go? Perhaps not hardcore, but, seriously, our country could stand to modify the way we think about things that we buy, and whether or not the line between necessity and want has been completely erased. The truth of the matter is, if we didn’t have the invention of credit in this country, most of us would have to live normally, with the things we need and a few wants. But, we definately wouldn’t be blinging to the point of ruining our credit, just to wear our success while having no money to retire with. Truly the joke is on us, as most of us will never be able to truly stop working…EVER. Doesn’t quite sound like an American dream does it? And, Barack Obama is an elitiest because he noticed that some people aren’t cool with the current state of their lives and living to work??? No one can understand that some people truly are bitter about that? If not, I question your ability to honestly look at this situation. Homes are foreclosing faster than new ones are being sold, the credit crunch is making people wonder if they’ll ever get rid of their high-intrest credit cards, and others wonder if they can afford to feed their families as the prices of groceries continue to increase!
Seriously, going to work for me has become increasingly sad, as I watch people treat eachother as if we’re all in SingSing, Alcatraz, Shawshank, or OZ! I’m watching intellectual, psychological, and mental assault, abuse, and warfare happen five days a week between 8 to 10 hours a day. Okay, “Fine! They should get another job!”, you say.  Oh…no…perhaps you haven’t been paying attention. Joblessness is on the rise overall. I actually had a boss move back to Austraila after he resigned. We talked about it prior, and he told me flatly that some jobs, were so specialized, that there was nowhere to work in the country, as the industry itself was dead. Um…YIKES!!!
I don’t mean to be depressing, but, the truth of the matter is we’ve extended ourselves and our economy as far as it can go. Wealth has been unevenly distributed in this country for far to long. And, the middle class–wait? Do we even still have that? Anyway…the middle class is falling through the cracks too. So, this isn’t a trickle down economy, it’s more like a crumble down–or, melt down?? Even the rich aren’t as rich–um…the dollar is so weak they currently have it on life-support! So…we’re all in this together, whether we like it or not. And, that must be recognized, and its up to all of us to realize that trying to hurt one another in anyway shape or form to get ahead NEVER works. Companies protect the bottome line, and bottom line has nothing to do with people, families or anything like that. The bottom line has no conscious therefore no morals and seeks to maintain its own existence above all else. Sounds scary huh??? Well, remember I said there was a few, who capitalized on the backs of many??? May I present the super class. I found that article a week ago. And, I have three words for you: New. World. Order. And, if you don’t know what that is… um…do your research and slap yourself awake, it’s way past time and you’re terribly late for school.
Even still at the end of this new dark age, I see light. As we are all one, we will be forced to work together on so many levels and on so many things, for the good and survival of us all. Otherwise, not only will we not have enough food to eat, gas to drive cars, we won’t have enough clean air to breathe, or water to drink. We’re in this together people, there’s no way around it. So, for all the things you believe separated you for someone else, that made you better than “them”–I implore you to look beyond those illusions. This is a huge lesson for us all. There is enough food, water, shelter, space, etc…. There’s more than enough. But, greed, arrogance and hording will have to be thrown down, like swords and guns after a long, bitter war for everyone to reach “The promised land”. Call me an idealist, but, I know it can happen. We just all have to be willing to readjust. And, that–that is how I can still go to work and  NOT puke through the office hallways, smack people up, or huddle in a corner crying hysterically wondering when this nightmare will be over. I believe we have the  ability to change mid-course and create a new future for ourselves and those on the path behind us.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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