You know that song by Chic, “Good Times”? I love that song, because its about dancing, enjoying life, your friends and being carefree. And that–that was what our fundraiser was like! By design, it was a block-party in a loft!
Life these days has become worrisome. We just got a democratic nominee, gas prices are ridiculoso and there just seems to be general angst permeating the air. But, not this past Saturday in a loft called El Rauncho Grande, the space that Sean built! Nah, man… We had such heavy positive vibes in the air, you could almost pluck it out, fold it up and put it in your pocket for later!
Ramon Silva…man, his art makes me want to get two more jobs so I can afford a bigger spot to house all the pieces I want to buy off him. And, yes…that was a run-on sentence, the art leaves me breathless, so, it’s fitting. Ngoma just…wow…people went dead silent the moment he opened his mouth. One dude said to me, “He touched my heart.” And, that is exactly what he does with his words. DJ Russell had me dancing the entire night, I was kinda sweaty, but, gladly so… Afterall, us bohemian chicks don’t mind getting a little dirty for a good dance. And, Sankofa… I’ll put it to you this way… I fell in love with a band, and the band is called Sankofa! I’m currently trying to get a t-shirt! LOL… Our beer sponsor Harlem Brewery won new fans with Sugar Hill beer, and if you didn’t know, you need to get on that! It’s some good stuff, perfect for this ridiculously hot weather. We even had a beautiful, entertaining volunteer staff serving guest on our behalf. Big up to Keoko, who’s skin is like mocha and smile is like the sun. And, the Sputnik Escapees, Gene and JW, whom make up two pieces of my inner circle. I love you guys!
But, the people…yes…the people represented, the people showed love. The people were please with what we offered them. I think the sweetest thing I heard all night was when a woman said to me, “I’m mad! I’m mad because I was so into the teaser, ready to see the movie and then–then, it was over!” LMAO… To which I replied, “Well… That’s why its called a teaser!” We introduced the teaser to our patrons, and the feedback was awesome. Thus… The ManChild community continues to grow. And, in solidarity, we all wear a burnt orange bracelet that simply says, “MANCHILD”.
As an artist, it is my desire, my passion to tell the stories of the voiceless to anyone who would care to look or listen. ManChild isn’t a random story… it’s many people’s story. It’s the story of those who struggle to make ends meet, those who struggle in their pursuit of happiness, and those who work almost every second of everyday to overcome adversity. It is our company’s commitment to make sure that this story that is becoming increasingly relevant gets told.  Thus…I wear my orange bracelet. And, I’m on this grind until this film is on big screens across the globe.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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