Let’s bring it hard–real hard. No, being a hot guy, whose multi-talented, who has rhythm in every since of the word ISN’T enough! Being a guy who’s ambitious and can “do” a lot of things ISN’T enough! Being the smartest guy in the room, who knows big words in three different languages ISN’T enough! Why? Simple, it’s not what matters!
“Hey, smart, hot, multi-talented guy, with the great ideas, and lives none of them. Yeah, I’m talking to you. Mr. will-you-accept-no-effort-on-my-part-for-personal-growth, I’m talking to you, directly. Why, because there’s just too many of you and you all need to seriously either get a clue, or just…shut up!” If you can speak on what’s wrong with the world, but, can’t fix yourself, save your breath. If you can get physcial and lack emotional–save it, for someone whose interested. If you can talk about love intellectually, but, never show it, or verbally express it… thanks, I think we’re done here.
Call it blessing or curse (I have), but, I’ve never had any shortage of booty, if I ever needed to make a call. What?! Did I??? Did she??? Yep, I did. And, I was married, to a very sweet, nice man, who didn’t want to grow with me. So, I left. Growth is life, lack of growth is death! Make a decision people and whether you know it or not, you are, all day, everyday. I choose to not only grow, but, own every decision, I make. Apparently, speaking your truth is coming on “strong”, and is a turn off. Asking for what you want, is met with animosity. And, not settling for what people feel like giving you, makes you selfish! Twisted, ain’t it?! LOL… Whateva!!!!
I’m not apologizing to anyone, for being my authentic self. I’m not going to feel bad for saying what I want, how I want and when I want something! I refuse to settle–listen, if I’m gonna die, I’m not taking slow torture road! And, more importantly, I’m not afraid to be alone, especially if I only have men-children to choose from. It’s not worth it!
So, yeah, I scared (he’d say pissed-off) some dude…with my directness… Hmm…did I scare you?! Ah…heck it’s Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead… Whatever, call me a witch, just don’t look for me on a broom. That’s sooo passe, not to mention elementary. It’s funny, just because you love a person, they think all of a sudden their definition of you–no matter how twisted, actually applies to who you really are. Short answer: No.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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