You know, it’s always surprises me the lengths people go to to avoid being alone. Seriously, I’ve known quite a few people who are so scared of being alone that they stay in unhealty friendships and relationships.  I have to say that this makes absolutely no sense to me.

Being alone provides you with the space and room to explore your most important friend…you! And, if you and yourself aren’t friends, well…hmm… you might want to set up sometime to be together and talk. I think that when you spend time alone in your own thoughts and company, you really get a chance to learn who you are, what you like and what you don’t. You can figure yourself and things out a lot easier. And, you learn that happiness, either lives there, or it doesn’t. And, if not…well, again, some work might need to happen. I believe that we think that someone else out there can really complete us, that they can be the pieces that we think are missing. But, the truth is…they can’t, don’t and usually, won’t. People don’t want to be the sun upon which you revolve around. I’ve found myself in that situation and I can honestly say, that I began to resent the person. What started out as adoration became co-dependency and it nearly killed me!

I’m a very busy person, a workaholic, I’m driven and I’m very passionate about my life and my friends. I give away quite a bit. Used to be, I’d give away everything–Not ever a good idea! Then I started meditating more seriously and now, I value time alone. I love it. I like going to the park, movies, dinner and all sorts of things alone. Now, for all of you who think I run the risk of becoming a loner, a friend of mine a work reminded that was impossible. Why? Because I’ll talk to absolutely anyone about anything. And, if you’ve hung out with me…you’ve witness this firsthand! LOL

This weekend, I’m taking myself on a daytrip to the mountains for a hike and meditation in nature. Doing T’ai Chi and yoga on Saturday. Sunday/Monday will be a couple of films at the Tribeca Film Festival. I’m so excited, you’d think it was my birthday or Christmas… Life is sooo good! And, the great thing is…it’s good whether my peeps are available or not, whether I have a significant or insignificant other! Talking about traveling light! LOL I think there’s something to be said for someone who can be happy alone, in a crowd, or with a few people. What’s to be said? That, this person is happy under almost any and all circumbstances. How cool with that be? –Or, annoying, depending on your demeanor. ; )

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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