Okay…its official… I’m excited for the ManChild Fundraiser on this coming Saturday. Why? Because I have one of the hardest working crews backing me up! And, that–that’s a blessing that everyone taking on a project hopes for.
So, I’m gonna thank all my people’s now…and then probably afterwards too.
The ManChild Project, LLC… Which consists of myself, James Richards and Gilbert Glenn Brown. –Not only are these dudes crazy-talented, and brillant as artists, they are the extraordinary, or insane people that brought me onto this project. And, though at times we’ve stumbled–we don’t fall. EVER. And, I have to say that the idea that we can have a three-way partnership that works, is practically unheard of. And, for me an all out miracle. Also, as the project expands, thanks to our Editior and our Sound Crew…who are with us here at the very, very beginning, ready and waiting for opening credits to roll. Thanks for ridin with us…we’re getting there!
Ngoma! Man, I don’t even know that there are words to describe how I feel about this man as an artist. I remember the first time I heard him perform. It was like time stopped, and all I could hear was what he was saying. This man has the ability to pierce through the illusions of drama, and speak right to the heart of all things. They don’t make ’em like that anymore. I knew that no matter what, I’d have to work with this man.
Sankofa! Sooo excited about this band! Thanks to Darrin, for letting me bother him for almost a year, before I asked them to work with us on the party. I love the music of these guys, their swagger. And, the very interesting perspective of the lead singer. Who’s voice in my opinion goes well beyond his age. Why hasn’t someone signed these guys yet? Hello…get on that someone, would ya?!
Ramon Silva! If Andy Warhol had been born in the hood, and understood hiphop culture, he probably would’ve been my boy Ramon! Man…there’s so few artists that I get beside myself over and this dude is one of them. His work is so on point to what’s pop culture in the ‘hood. And, I just love the multi-media of it.  And, I’m excited about sharing his work with other people.
DJ Russell! Omg…this was a miracle meeting! There’s no other way to say it. LOL… My finding this person and the instant connection was definately blessed. I just love it when you can just say very little to someone about what you need. And, they just “get it” and deliver. I expect to be exhausted at the end of the party from dancing so much!
El Rauncho Grande! This is the space that Sean built. And, it is housing what promises to be an amazing evening. Thanks to Sean for having almost everything one could ask for in a space, and being pretty cool in general. I’m really happy we’re having the party in the BK, as it is my favorite burough. –No disrepect to the other four. But, in my heart–I think I’ve always been a Brooklyn girl, yes, I know I’m from J’ville, NC, but, I’ve been here almost 16yrs…so, can it will ya?!  😉
Harlem Brewery! Holla! The official alcohol sponsor of our fundraiser. Thanks to Khouri and Celeste, for showing the film community some love. And, we look forward to introducing more people to Sugar Hill beer. Haven’t heard about it? Well come to the party, its yours to drink free, after your 20.00 donation. 😉
And…thanks to the ManChild Street team, which mostly consists of friends and family of  The ManChild Project. Relationships are important people! Very important. When you’re trying to get anything off the ground, it’s those that love you that will come to your aid when you just can’t do it all. Sooo much love to our street team.
The ManChild Community. Yeah! We have one. There are a couple of hundred people who came out to the readings, listened to our ideas, gave us theirs, and keep us going with their enthusiasm of this project. These people want to see the movie…NOW! Heehee…and so, we’re doing our best to get it to them and all of you ASAP.
We’re ready! Are you ready?! A’ight… Now everyone get in alignment with me… 6/7/08… Let’s do this! Hahahaha!!!!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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