So many souls are out there in the world waiting for someone to bless them with their acceptance, or to give them permission to be who they are. And, I want to make it clear, that isn’t coming. If it were up to the average person, you wouldn’t be who you are. Does that bother you? Does it bother you to know, that most people would prefer you didn’t express your authentic self? They’d prefer you’d make it easier for them to manipulate you, to lie to you, or, have you bend to their whims and will. So, if you ever wonder where that anger that seems so out of reach is based–I’ve just told you. It’s that part of yourself, that waits for permission to express itself in this world. And, what’s more, you are angry at yourselves for needing permission.

But, dear souls…that’s an illusion. We do not need the permission of anyone other than OURSELVES to be who we are. It’s a courageous feat, but, it brings happiness, fulfillment and growth. Yes, all those things we look for others to be to us, we can be to ourselves. We are what’s missing… it’s been said before by those much more enlighten then I. But, I can speak on it now, because I live it.

There’s so much confusion as to what is appropriate, what’s “okay” so that we do not offend. And, the truth is–there is no way to not offend. Being yourself will always offend those still lost on the journey. They will find your progress offensive as it reminds them of the journey they still have ahead of them. For some, it’s so much easier to judge, criticize, belittle and hate, then it is to go into the darkest corners of themselves, clean house and let the light in.

In the past, I would have said, that we should try an talk with people and come to some sort of understanding. But, now, I realize, that isn’t always option. Sometimes, being yourself in definance, is the biggest impact you can make on the world. There’s no need to be confrontational with those who cannot see, hear, or feel you. In fact, I would say that sometimes, there’s no point in engaging them at all. You are your own light, and by living that light your message, whatever it may be WILL be there for those ready to recieve it.

We do not need to prove we exist. We just do. We do not need someone to tell us that we’re “doing it right”, because our hearts and souls will reflect it. A genuine smile comes from within, and alights the eyes and beams from the mouth until we are the smile itself. That cannot be faked, that cannot be given, but, earned.

Be not afraid of who you are. Be who you are. Lose no sleep, or sanity over what other’s may think of you. But, earn the love and respect of yourself. It’s you who has to be with you forever. And, therefore it is you whose acceptance is most needed.

Keep going brave souls…



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