“…By the pricking of my thumbs… Something wicked this way comes!”
Ever get that looming feeling that something dark is on the horizons? Or that even though its a  sunny day, the rollercoaster is managable– you know the big drop is coming? Well, I started getting that feeling late yesterday afternoon.
I know that people rarely listen to me when I say things, no matter how many times I’ve been right… But, I’ll say this, if you haven’t found your center. If you haven’t figured out your personal nucleus, what truly matters most, the indescribable thing that is the real you, that thing that cannot be taken by anyone else… Well, um…there’s a perfect storm just over yonder, and it’s coming to test us all. DO YOU READ ME? ARE YOU FEELING ME?
I’ve been in council with my counterpart in my tribe and she and I both agree… while we are in a time where a lot of positive change is occuring at neck-breaking speed… It’s only going to get faster. So, this upcoming storm is coming to help us remove all the things, people, situations, etc in our lives that need to be cleared, and yet, we have not for one lame reason or another. Mind you, I know that some pretend, I do not know what I am saying, as if they are obsolved, immuned, or simply aren’t going to be effected by the changes. Eh hm… “try again.” There is not a soul in the universe that will not be forced to change. The question is, will you meet it head on, or will you run like hell? Either way, there will be change. I’ve asked people to go with the flow for a reason, simply because change is a constant, it can be counted upon, and life truly is an adventure of our own making.
Now, some of my readers/peeps have been in the thick of their own “idaho” in terms of changing aspects of their lives that haven’t been working. Unfortunately some have thrown in the towel mid-stream (and you know who you are), others have courageously chosen to keep going not knowing exactly what the next step is, but are encouraged by the small victories and rewards. And, I’m telling you now…it ain’t gonna get any easier to work through issues, excorcise our personal demons, or live our real truth. In turn, living the lie will get harder, the pain will intensify and weigh at minimum 10 times more than it did. And, if you’re lost, the forest is only going to get thicker. Why? Because… “resistance is futile.” And, “whatever we resist, persists.” And, um… no, I’m not immuned either, in fact, I’m going to be a good little girl, face my flaws, deamons, or whatevers…and give em a big hug and say, “Okay, sweetie, its time to heal and move foward. Life as we knew it is fading to black, so we must stay in the light.” Just in case you were wondering how I get myself to the next level. Sometimes its a struggle, other times… skipping to my lou. Hee hee.
So, I have told you what I know, is coming–critical mass. All things you thought you could deny forever, all the things that scare  you most, the things you’ve fought tooth and nail to keep in the shadows… Their coming, all of them, possibly all at once or in pairs and triplets. Sure, its fine to be scared, but, to do nothing would be unwise. So, kids if you haven’t been doing your homework, your reading, your research on the subject of you– um, ut oh pop quiz. And, the universe isn’t taking it easy on us.
Again, I know some of you will disregard this message–it’s treatment I’m quite used to, but, when the bottom falls out, stuff comes flying through the air to smack you upside the head, when you’re so pressed up against the wall that you’re becoming embedded into it—you’ll rememeber… she tried to warn me. And, what’s the answer??? How do you minimize the um… smackdown? Go into the dungeon and call your deamons out, call to the shadows and tell them you’re ready BEFORE they find you. Think on it, no one wants to go unheard, unacknowledged, or chained to the corners of your psyche—so, yeah, they are probably pissed at you, but, chances are they don’t want you dead, they just want to heal. And, you– you are your own healer. So… “Get ‘er done!”
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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