It amazes me how people go through life, not knowing what’s good for themselves. I’m convinced that capitalism and Amercain culture in general relies heavily on keeping you confused about who you are.
For example, our society frowns on self-confidence. There seems to be this secret subtext being repeatedly murmured saying, “you cannot think you’re good enough in anyway, shape or form.” In otherwords, it’s bad for you to feel good about yourself. And, this need for insecurity is the crux of how we do business. From beauty, to cars, to politics…the propoganda being sold and consumed is: YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH! Why else would you need that certain car, house, boobs, hair, teeth, job, income, clothes, shoes, political affiliation and/or agenda, neighborhood…etc.? And, hello? How could self-help books, religious institutions, personal trainers, cosmetic surgeons, therapists, bartenders, etc… make the money they do, if we weren’t living in a society that promotes insecurity? Funny, huh? Honestly, if  you zoom the camera out a little bit, you’d see it’s a monster feeding on itself.
I’ve always said, “it’s cheap to die, but, expensive to live”. And, you can take that literally or figuratively, but, regardless, capitalism is about making money, and morals are a bit farther down the list when it comes to how the money is made. No? Really? How can we live in one of the richest countries in the world, yet, have the homelessness, poverty and healthcare issues we do? Why do we have these issues? Simple: Poor means you have no money. No money…we cannot help you. Where is that money? Oh…some rich person has it, and while they probably won’t spend most of what they have in their lifetime, their still not giving it to you. That’s ugly isn’t it? Yeah… it is. In fact, it’s so ugly that most people won’t acknowledge that’s the way it truly is.
But, you know what? You’ve gotta be quiet sometime, and that’s when the conscience (and, yes, we all get one at birth) speaks. Truth, in my opinon is innate with birth. So, to say you don’t know, often times means, I don’t want to know. But, when you don’t want to know, you really put yourself at risk to have someone fill in the blanks for you, and that’ll always cost  you something, to pay them somehow. When you can know and speak your truth, you’re seen as “difficult”. What does that mean? I’m going to be difficult to be recruited into someone else’s agenda? I’m going to be difficult to manipulate? I’m going to be difficult in your attempt to take advantage of me? See what I mean? When you know you, you make it harder for someone else to sway you one way or the other.
All around the institutions I mentioned they are having issues with the people they were supposedly serving. From politicans to preachers. Doctors to parents. Apparently, some people are realizing that their confusion is costing either themselves, or those they love their very lives. And, now, they want more information on what’s really been going on. Why? Because confusion is the weapon of the opposition. Clarity, the weapon of the enlightened. The saga continues….
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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