Some kids were born to get-along in life… Some were really good at following directions, taking orders, doing what their told, and never questioning.

I’d like to commend myself on NEVER being that kid.

I have never, nor, will I ever follow rules that make my stomach churn. I will never listen to words that are candy-coated lies to get me to betray myself. I will never lay down in front of anyone with a tattoo of the word “Welcome” on my back…

Some of us, aren’t meant to follow… Some of us are meant to lead, even if no one follows but ourselves.

Some girls are inherently “good”. And, “good” is defined by being “agreeable”, “nice”, “easy-to-get-along-with”.

Some girls are “pretty”, and “dainty”, and are always looking to “please”.

And, once again… um…hell, to the no, no, no! Never me! Never, ever, me!

There’s no bravery in dumbing it down for anyone. Dumb people deserve one another. And, while I’ve met a lot of educated “dumb” people, I’m still nauseated by the rush to be “palatable” to the masses… Looking at the world we live in, I’d say the masses are wrong! Does the world we live in work for you? Is their truth, your truth?  Does it reflect the life you want for yourself?

I’m a badass woman… I know that. I know this, because I made myself such. I speak my mind, live my truth, and make no apology to anyone for it.

Some find me impossible, because I just don’t do what I’m told. And, I find them infuriating, because I don’t wear anyone’s yoke, shackles or live in their small minds.
Everything about me that makes me lovable, are the same things that make me difficult. I’m really good with that. So good with that. And, your leaving or staying is irrelevant as to how I will conduct my life.

Some people are driven by “fitting in”, and then there are those like me who are driven by “being true to themselves.” Perhaps its because I’m an artist. Perhaps its because I cannot be a liar. Maybe it’s because I truly see things differently than most people. All three are true.

I don’t care about society’s need to control the masses through various forms of manipulation. I’m throughly uninterested in living by instutionalized rules that change with the whim of those who claim to have power. An untamed ego, is deadly for anything and anyone it gets near. –I don’t have time for it, in an individual, or a system. And, anyone ruled by fear, weakness to the point of paralyzation… Namaste but… Yuck, keep it moving.

So, while my life has been seemly difficult, the truth is…it’s been beautiful! I wake up every day loving myself. I wake up and go to work, because it gets me closer to working for myself. I have sacred relationships with a lot of beautiful souls. I can look at the planet we live on and still marvel at its exquiste beauty. I’m not struggling to be anywhere, to be anyone, or do any particular thing.

True badasses aren’t angry, beligerent, instigators. They are souls who resist conformity. True warriors don’t start fights with groups, but, are those who resist fighting for causes that enslave others. Leaders make leaders, not followers.

And, the Goddess??? That’s my divinity. That’s the me that cannot be created, nor destroyed. As it has always been and always will be. My courage, my strength, my knowing comes from here–the core of me. I am that I am… I am a force to be reckoned with–if you dare.

Yep…some just want to be liked, acknowleged, praised, embraced by others. And, for me, when I did those things for myself… I no longer required it from anyone else.

To my people in the trenches of the chaos of humankind… Do not get lost in the fallacies, the lying, the illusions, the bullshit… Divine souls across Terra Earth– KNOW YOURSELVES. The rest… isn’t worth it. Never was… Never will be.


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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