There’s been this running theme in my life, where I’m going on my merry way, living, learning, loving and laughing. And, then, all of a sudden out of nowhere I’m being emotionally, verbally or psychically attacked by some small, insecure person who needs me to pay attention to them.

I want to make this clear. I have no tolerance for the insecure person, who wants to play victim in an imaginary situation with me. It’s becoming more and more clear that there are a lot of people out there who see light, and instead of appreciating it–they attack. Okay, I get it, you don’t want to be reminded of how miserable you are with yourself, how much you don’t like who you are. But, here’s the deal–attacking me, won’t make it better. In fact, it could make it worse, because I can promise that if you attack me–I’ll defend myself. Which means, I’m going to show you your true self. And, truth hurts those who try an avoid it. Just like mirrors blind people with the truth of their ugliness, if they’ve been actively avoiding it.

I also know that when people who’ve created these imaginary issues with me finally cross the line, my relationship with them, in whatever capacity it is–is coming to an end. I am not a victim. I refuse to be a victim. I refuse to be in a situation where I’m not allowed to be myself, to be respected, and to be free to just be. There’s a lot of people who are in situations simply because they are afraid of the unknown. And, while I’ll never said I’ve never been scared, I can say–I NEVER let it stop me! As I’ve said before many times… People are more interested in controlling your life, rather than watching you live it to the fullest. When they have no control over themselves, they want to control you more. But, they cannot do that if you REFUSE to give them control over you. Not me… NEVER ME!

It’s been said that we don’t appreciate life, until its threatened. And, I’ve watched enough of the people I love die of terminal illness to learn to be smarter. A person may have money you need, food you need, a home you need… but, they don’t have YOU! And, no matter how much stuff they hold over your head, or, how much time, energy and things that they steal–they can never have you–unless, you give yourself away. I hope everyone gets that. What is life, if you’re dead for most of it? And, what I mean that is: you can’t breathe, you’re feel tortured all the time, you medicate so you don’t have to feel, and you lose all sense of yourself. Are you truly alive? Is basic bodily functioning life? I don’t happen to think so. It’s sort of like being brain dead, but, on an emotional level. When you pull the plug on your emotional self to survive your life–in away, you’ve died. And, that’s not going to be me. I cannot think of anything in the entire universe that would make want to do that. Emotionally detach?? Only for temporary, life-threatening reasons, but, I’d always come back. It’s too short. There’s so much to do, to experience to be. Small-minded people don’t think like this. They don’t really dream for real. They wish, and put forth no action to make apart of their reality.

I’m going to keep going. I won’t be delayed, deterred, or stopped. Not by anyone, but, myself…And, that certainly isn’t going to happen. lol!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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