More than writing a blog tonight, I am scribing. My personal “light crew” aka personal spirit guides and angels want to share what they do, how they help and why they’re here.

If you aren’t a believer in spirit and the ability to interact, contact, or communicate with spirit, this is NOT the blog for you.  If you are opened to it, please feel free to continue reading– if not, well, it won’t stop me from writing it. 😉

My “crew” –while there are a few here, they, for the most part function as one, they are here in service. It is their job to guide me in my spiritual journey, life’s journey–to them it is the same. And, after many years of being on this journey, I’d have to agree, my spiritual journey is my life, without it, I exist, I don’t live. 

I say in my “about me” section that I had my first contact with my guides at five. And, that is true. My willingness to listen, has helped me quite a bit over the years. My guide (at the time I heard only one) and I literally began creating the life I’d live for the next 20 years. What I mean to say is, we created the framework, had some benchmarks and they understanding better than I, allowed for some unknown to fill the frame. We created everything from the career I’d pursue, where I’d go to college, the kind of person I’d marry, and the kind of woman I’d become.

So, how did we do? Well, I did go to the college of my choice, majored in what my career was to be, and yes–even married the guy who truly, for a while was my soul mate (–they can come and go, you know). And, then…I started getting the energetic upgrades. Who knew those weird blast to the third eye would pave the way for a huge crack in the foundation of who I thought I was. But, it did. From the age of 27, until now…I’ve been in the midst of one huge shift after the other. It’s one thing to hear, “Okay, you’re going to be an actress” to “You walk with the righteous ones, you are part of the Brotherhood of Light”, twenty plus years later. ( And, yes, I did find out who that was, but, that’s another blog all together.)

We often think we have ourselves figured out to the point, where we no longer allow room for ourselves to grow. We get these nudges from our guides, these nagging feelings we can’t shake that say, “Go this way.” But, we know, if we follow that feeling, our lives will change, and never be the same again. But, here’s the truth: I welcomed change–as soon as I figured out that’s what I was supposed to be doing. I wasn’t supposed to be feeling “uncomfortable”, “bored”, “trapped”, or sometimes “empty”. Wherever I was at 27, I was done with it, and if I didn’t keep it moving, it definitely would have been a slow spiritual suicide. I would have had a life, but, it wouldn’t have been mine (nod and gratitude to Robert Johnson and “The Tutelage”).

Clearly, I took the road less traveled. This road no longer included my marriage — you cannot expect your partner to be able to take your journey with you–the choice is a personal one.  My priorities of happiness shifted. I went from being obsessed with being an actor, to growing more and more interested in my spiritual development, and removing the need to heed or entertain the opinions of others. I ended relationships both friend and family, that didn’t promote positive growth, freedom, or true love–which means, love with no strings, fear, conditions, or control.  And, through it all, I had this incredible crew who was always there–getting louder in their “voice” saying–“All is well.” And, as you go through the inevitable pain of leaving who you think you are, to becoming who you desire to be,  you run into every single fear you’ve ever had in your entire life. And, you must find a way to move through them, and leave them behind you. 

“How do you get through pain? By getting through pain!”

Everyone has their version of a vision quest, mine is hiking. I chose to go on a seven mile hike, alone. In that hike, I discovered that I have never been, nor will I ever be alone. All around me, and you, are these beings that are there waiting to support you in your highest endeavors. We discussed my being an actor–by the way, I’ve not given up the entertainment business, I’ve changed the way I approach it–I am an actor because I breathe life into characters that started in a writer’s imagination. I’m good at that, and no matter what–it is something I will always be able to do. But, my passion is empowering others to acknowledge their own divine selves. This is what my crew reminds me of over and over again. “Remember, who you are and why you decided to be here.” Hey, I’m here for the party, hee hee… okay, the shift of consciousness of the human being, but, hey, sometimes it really is a party. 😀

The crew wanted it to be known that is not the job of guides, and angels to judge us. They do not interfere unless asked. And, they encourage us all to ask more often. 😉 Know this: Every time you ask for help, it is granted. But, please note: help comes in a way that serves your highest good. Meaning: if you have a negative relationship with money, don’t look for the winning lottery ticket to find you. That’s not helping, that’s enabling. So, for all your “Oh, my lord help me(s)!” , they are being answered. Always, every time, and forever. Every prayer for strength will be answered with an infusion of energtic love, providing you with it. For moments of confusion, look for opportunities that further your highest good, not your ego’s whimper. A quick word on the ego–it isn’t bad, perhaps spoiled, but, not bad. And, even it cannot resist the call to love when you ask it. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, it cannot be resisted. 😉

Why?? Why do these spirits and angels support us? Well one: Love. We are all part of all of creation. And, the creators love sings through all of us. But, also, they learn from us. Hey, not every angelic being has been human (nod to Adamus of Sovereign Domain). Through our embodiment we are teachers to those who aren’t. The ego, the illusion of separation from source, the fears, the pain, the anxiety. Food, sex, the feeling of water, sand, warmth of sunshine on our skin– all these things we take for granted, cannot be experienced without being human. So, as they support us, as they teach us, so we do for them.  The creator doesn’t distinguish creations in a hierarchy–we are all ONE. But, in this expansion of the universe, our human shifting is crucial, so, yes…we are heavily supported. Fully supported by the loving legion of light, by the embodied lightworkers, warriors, healers, indigos, crystals, rainbows… you get the point. The light crews aren’t better than us, they only have a different vantage point, and willingly serve to share this information with us.

So, whether or not you’ve developed your ability to “hear” your light crew, I’m sure you’ve felt them many times, and thus “know”  you are never alone, and deeply, deeply loved. In your darkest, deepest despair, there’s a circle of love all around you. Perhaps there’s a pat on the head, a protective “hand” on your shoulder, and (my personal favorite), a kiss on the cheek. Your crew is with you and will love you no matter what.

 Party on… I know my crew and I will! 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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