Some people have a hard time believing that we’re more than our bodies–that, when we sleep a lot of us just “leave” for a spell. But, I can do this, I’ve been doing this for some time, and well…it’s pretty freaking cool! Heehee…
Here’s my quandry: I have people come to me, or summon me in my sleep, that really should be talking to me when we’re both awake. Mind you, there are some that are confident enough in their lives on this physical plane to just call me up and discuss whatever it is we need to say. I’m quite grateful for those. –Even though, I’ve had some awesome conversations with people in my “dreamstate”.  And, then, there’s the others. The other people only tell me the truth when we’re on the astral plane. It seems that the physical plane is fraught with ego, fear and a lot of other barriers that keep us from saying what we really should be saying. And, I find that annoying. I truly do. When you’re on a different frequency that lacks the density of the physical realm, you also are without your ability to lie.
I know it’s a lot to ask and wish for–I get it, but, that won’t keep me from asking. And, that is, “Will you just please say what needs to be said, no matter where you are?” Am I mindreader?? Yes! Sometimes I am, but, that’s no excuse for people to not tell the truth when they need to. My ability and well…need to say what’s on my mind doesn’t always make me popular. And, honestly… that’s not something I care about. I was asked once, by the Reverend (holla Rev), if I always say what’s on my mind. And, I told him emphatically, “YES!” It annoys him, quite a bit. But, seriously… what’s wrong with that? If you don’t want to know the truth about something, why are you engaging me at all? Perhaps I should make my warning labels bigger? LOL
But, you know what’s worse??? To me, it is when I ask a direct question and I’m either lied to, or ignored all together. That’s such gross behavior. And, here’s the thing is, I’m always told anyway… How? Astral projections and dreams. And, so, therefore, I’m forced to deal with the fact that people will knowingly lie to me to my face, and come to me in my sleep and say, “No, I really didn’t mean that…”. Or, “My life is a total mess…etc.” Can you imagine? Now, which do I believe? I believe what we do in our sleep is the truth that we do not speak in our waking moments. And, because I’ve experienced this so many times, for so many years, I don’t question it anymore. But, I do question the person whenever I talk to them, because I just don’t get it.
Why? Why is the truth treated as if it’s unattainable? Why do people allow everything thing they want in life to get farther away from them, and continuously serve something that has never worked? And, if they insist on perpetuating this lying thing, why are they coming to me when I could be doing something else in my sleepstate, like…meditation on everest or something??? LOL…
Needless to say, I’m no longer uncomfortable talking about the sixth sense and all the fun that comes with it. I’ve come to learn that the truth just is–whether we choose to deal with it or not. If it doesn’t come out in our physical waking moments, it’ll just do so elsewhere, but, it will surface.
As per my other peoples who are just far away from me who come visit and vice versa… I love you! It’s always wonderful when you drop by. And, I’ll see you again soon.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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