It’s always good when I write when I’m a leetle bit tipsy… I’m gonna get to the point, kids…if you haven’t seen “The Secret”, seriously, be about that. Some of you saw it a year ago, when I sent it to you via email, you saw it for free. Others of you heard about it on Oprah–God bless Oprah, everyone has their purpose, and I believe she’s really working hers!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, seriously… get to work, you’re a little behind and we need you to catch up. I knew when “The Secret” was on Oprah, that it had reached its tipping point, and would become a household phrase, and soon a way of life. Act like you know…
Does it work? YES. It’s been my personal philosophy on a conscious level for over a year, but, subconsciously since the beginning. How many people know me not to get what I want? Um…there should be no hands raised, nor voices heard. I do, because I understand things I am not even consciously aware of, just as you. In any case, it’s been an awesome day. I’ve mainfested so many business contacts for my two ventures in the past two days, that I truly amaze myself! Dreams can come true, you need only understand the Law of Manifestation, which when used, with purity, selflessness and gratitude, can truly give you exactly what you’ve asked for, and then some! You are the co-creators of your life, you always have been. You are a small cell in all that there is. You are a small pixel in the great picture of the universe. So…what are you going to do with your space in the universe, what will you create? Me? Oh… I’m just getting started, all I know is with each passing day… I want to do more. Like my ex-boyfriend Michael Nunez used to say… “Wind ’em up and watch ’em go!” Ah… I left out the details, didn’t I? Yeah… I kinda like clff-hangers! LOL
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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