I love where I live. I do, I love my city! I’m from a small town in the south, and dreamed of living here for as long as I remember. I knew– I knew at 13 that New York was/is the city for me. And, it has NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let me down.
I just had an awesome day! And, I didn’t even leave my neighborhood. It all started with the cold kisses of the first snow and nope,  I didn’t get on a train or a bus…and I returned home inspired. So, I live in the Bushwick/Ridgewood area, and the art scene here is amazing. I just spent the last 3 1/2 hours walking in and out of lofts and apartments seeing some amazing work! It started at my local coffee shop, Wyckoff Starr with a kaliedoscope of work by neighborhood kids, and their view of where we live. Ohhh…the colors! Then onto this guy’s loft that had a beautiful story to tell about Sonny Rollins and how it related to his painting. Ohhh the colors, and the movement thus! Then onto this little apartment on Jeffereson street. I have to say, this place was one of my favorites as one of the artist had started a series on Jefferson Street. And, I knew where every building, every stoop and water tower were, because that’s where my first place in the neighborhood was located! And, I loved her work as it captured all the small things I love about this area, even if Jefferson street has moments of sketchiness, and danger. People used to be afraid to visit me at my first place, with good reason, I had a neighbor who’d been mugged twice when I lived there. Even though the event goes well into the Morgan avenue area, I made my last stop near home. And, it did not dissappoint. Deep in the woods studios, had a message from its artist. The message was a artistic opinon of global economy, war and the environment. All I have to say is WOW! Ever thought about fitting your baby with a gas mask because the air is to polluted to breathe? Or, Captain America being sent to the middle east destroying everything and everyone looking for those freaking WMDs???? It was an inspiring day.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re looking for the revolution, look to the artist–we’re bringing it, and we will not be denied! So…yeah, my ‘hood, my Bushwick (and Ridgewood), it rocks! It inspires, and all I had to do was walk out my front door! Life is sooo good!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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