I love it when a blog begins writing itself even before I get to the computer. This is one of those times. Today, my crew and I were discussing the recent blessings in my life. For one, I’m being sought out for motivational speaking and lectures. I’m also beginning to expand the scope of my role as “Conduit of Healing.” I’m excited, and I look forward to bringing you on this journey with me–assuming you want to go. If not–I’m still going. ūüėČ You didn’t expect me to say anything otherwise, did you? Ha ha…

I’m going to ask you to take a look at where you want your life to be one year from now? What do you want? Who would you like to be? What would you like to have accomplished?

Now, I’m going to ask you to see where you are now. Are you in any shape to recieve the things you want out of life? Are you in a place where you can become some one different, for the better? Do you have the tools needed to get things done? If the answer is no to any or all of these questions–you are CLOSED for business. Don’t think so? Really? How can you possibly be ready to recieve anything with so much clutter?

Think of it this way, you are a small, but, powerful business that has yet to open. You are full of great ideas, eager to exchange those ideas, for customers and their patronage. The problem is, there’s a lot of work between the idea in your head, and your “Grand Opening”. You have to lay out your business plan, figure out how much funding you will require, how much time, how much energy, and how many people. Do you need supplies? Do you need vendors? You get my drift don’t you? –No one can have dreams come into fruition, without preparation, without work and without being OPEN.

So, how do you make yourself open? Well, first, you must identify the things, behaviors and people that represent the “clutter” in your life. I’ll be honest, the biggest thing will be you–your attitude, your preception of yourself and the world. And, your willingness to be honest about where you are, and what must change in order for you to be open.

If you prefer to dream¬† rather than work–you will have to commit to the doing of making dreams come true. If it means changing your attitude from negative to positive–work to do that. If in your mind, your knee-jerk reaction to everything is, “the glass is half-empty”, remind youself that “half-empty” means there’s still something to drink, and you can always refill the entire glass, with whatever you want. And, therefore, you will not thirst! Until you are no longer embodied, there’s always a myriad of possiblities at your finger tips, choose those that get you to the life want to live, rather than the life that is living you.

Secondly, who are you surrounding yourself with? Are the nay-sayers, some of the closeset people to you? Whenever you feel like you’re making progress, do these people coming crawling out of the wood work to knock you down a peg,or two? I do not care if you call them “Mom”, “Dad”, “Honey”, or “Friend”, if these people aren’t making positive contributions to your existence, they aren’t going to help you become open to recieving blessings. Period. No–no, let’s not get sentimental, let’s not invite traditions and other things that look out for others, but, not for you–NO. This is about you and your blessings, this is about putting you in a place where you can live the dream, rather than thinking it. It is critical that you surround yourself with people who are able to put their egos, issues, and judgments aside, so that they can clearly see you, advise and encourage you without filtering it through¬†themselves, first.

Do you really want to change? Let’s be honest, there’s no need to dream, if you have no desire for a better life. But, who has no desires for something better, or to be more? The thing is, wherever you are right now, isn’t going to get you there, otherwise you’d be there NOW. And, you aren’t. So, yes, you must change. You must change the “I don’t want to(s)”, to the “I can’t wait to(s)”.¬† If your dream requires you to lose weight, give up smoking, drinking…whatever…ask yourself, is the end result worth it to you? Because the truth is: It is no longer a secret that you will attract what you are. For all of you who love the law of attraction concept, don’t expect to attract money, if you don’t like it, are afraid of it, do not see it for the neutral energy it is. Money isn’t evil…people can do evil things with it, though.

Can you release fear, and replace it with faith? And, no, I’m not talking about the boogieman, fear. I’m talking about fear of abundance? I’m talking about the fear of having everything you ever wanted out of life? How many times, have you, or someone you know¬†¬†got within breathing distance of a goal, and either choked or completely self-destructed, watching the moment pass you by? The fear of success, is a fear for many. Let it go–instead, have faith in yourself, and your ability to show up for the life you want, when the opprotunity you’ve worked to create finally arrives.

Nothing “just happens”. You are creating moments for yourself all the time, everyday, and, yes, mostly subconsciously. What if you were aware of the energy you were putting into your creation? As in, “Yes, I realize and accept¬†I’m putting in some time removing the clutter from my life now, to make way for the life I want, in the next moment, or, the next now. ” Just as we’ve been conditioned, or taught to live¬†life on automatic pilot, we can learn to live in a state of constant awareness. Are you willing to do that?

The universe moves to create whatever it is you desire. And, does so all the time. But, if you are unclear as to what your desires are, if you are unwilling to change, to remove what works against you ratherthan for you–you cannot recieve¬† the beautiful life that awaits you. So, stop where you are–breathe deep, and ask yourself, am I ready to be open? The universe awaits your answer.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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