I just got back from the grocery store where I had an encounter, that , not only was disturbing, but, indicative of the times we live in. When I was in line, I asked the cashier if there was something wrong with the conveyor belt, as she didn’t use it to move my groceries toward her. I found out very quickly, she didn’t speak English and had no idea what I was saying. Very well, not a big deal. After she rang everything up, I paid for my food, and she gave me the change. Well, as I reached for the change a penny fell on the conveyor belt, and, when I went to go pick it up, she turns on the conveyor belt, which apparently worked and I watched my penny disappear. I looked at her, and, waited. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “So, it’s just a penny.” And, my response to that shrug was, “Well, aren’t you getting me another one?” She seemed taken aback. I actually wanted her to open the register for a penny??? Seems silly right? Right? Actually, no, it doesn’t, because it was my money that she was throwing away, not her own. And, that kind of attitude is why we live in a world where it seems everything is crumbling around us, simply because no one seems to care. And, yes, I got my penny. ūüėČ

I’m a concerned for us as a species. I am. The willful sense of entitlement, the constant choosing of ego over consciousness is appalling. And, yet, people want what they want. They want the world to be perfect and peaceful in their eyes. But, I wonder if they’ve ever thought to check their eyes, to make sure they can see the big picture, rather than wearing blinders that train them to focus solely on their own reflection. What happened? When did you stop caring?

I wish I could say that this disconnect is only between strangers, but, it isn’t. It’s between friends, family members and well, ourselves. I listened the other day, while someone told me about a friend of theirs who lost their balance and fell into the tracks of an above ground train. Now, falling into the tracks is horrible when you’re underground, but, above ground is even more scary. You could literally fall through, and to your death! Forget about the third rail that’s live with enough voltage to fry you from the inside out. But, wait, what happened? How did this person fall? Were they pushed? No. She was simply walking too close to the platform edge, lost her balance and fell in.

–Wait, what?! That’s it?! She just fell?!

Well, no, that’s not it. When I was told that story my first thought was, why is she suicidal?! You may think that’s an extreme conclusion, but, think on it. In NYC, the platform’s edge is clearly marked, warning you to keep away from it. The newer edges are bright yellow, with perforations so you don’t slide onto the tracks. And, yet, this person, who is so clueless, who is so unaware of the fragileness of life, goes right to the edge of the platform and decides to walk along it. And, you tell me she’s not the slightest bit suicidal? Um…I’d have to disagree. A complete disregard for your own welfare is asking for the universe to send you a message to pay attention. –She’s fine, by the way, someone cared enough to help her.

The cashier, and, the silly girl aren’t alone. How many people care so little about themselves that they do questionable things like: Crossing the street when there’s oncoming traffic? Stay in situations they know are stressful, unhealthy, and life-force draining? Depression is becoming a bigger issue, and yet, we’d rather medicate it, then work through it. –Mind you, when I speak of depression, I’m not talking about chemical imbalances, as that requires a few methods of treatment. I’m talking about general anxieties, “the blues”, or “the blahs.”

Why does it take a major disaster to snap us out of our apathetic coma? Why does a Katrina, a 9/11, a tsunami, and crisis in Haiti, etc have to happen for your heart to bleed for someone else? How many familes are being destroyed by some form of abuse, that neighbors, other family members, etc. are watching and not¬†saying anything. And, how many children are killing themselves, because no one cares enough to say, “There’s nothing wrong with you–you’re fine, it’s the rest of the world that needs to open its judgemental mind about¬† you.”

We throw away¬†garbage all over¬†our beautiful¬†planet, and never think, “At some point, I’ll be eating, drinking, or breathing¬†that¬†garbage.” But, you will, and in a lot of cases–you already are.¬†There’s a reason the water has to be purified, and the air filtered. There’s a reason certain soil should not be overturned. Truly, it’s not the planet that we should be saving. She doesn’t require it–it’s us. And, we need all the help the universe¬†can provide.¬†

The circle of life, is something we¬†participate in whether we are aware or not.¬†Your ability to empathize effects us all, just as your apathy does. If you don’t care, who will? And, if you doubt what I am saying–take a look around, not just at the world, but your microcosm–your¬†community. How many bad things could¬†be prevented if someone¬†cared?

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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