I—I don’tknow what to say anymore. It’s one thing to live your life like you don’t care about someone, something, some group, or other… It’s a whole other thing to say it to their face and not blink an eye.
I was told today by an executive that asking someone to do something that would benefit the admins of my group, that since what I was proposing didn’t have anything to do with him, he didn’t see the need in making the request. “That’s my attitude about it.” Yeah, he really said that, to my face no doubt.  And, that ladies and gents is how the ELITE really feel about the rest of us aka the people they make money off of. But, wait—that’s not right. That’s how MOST people feel about eachother! People simply do not CARE to ACT, FEEL, SPEAK, or FIGHT on eachother’s behalf because they have a truly misguided view that it doesn’t concern them!  The truth is… IT DOES and WILL FORVER!
Seriously, humans have got to be the slowest, most arrogant, and absent-minded animals in the animal kingdom! We are the only ones who REFUSE to understand that we are part of the circle of life. That everything we consume, comes from something we cannot re-create. Sure, we can cultivate it, and re-grow it, and yes, even create hybrid, but still we cannot provide the divine spark needed for life to exist! We eat other species, whether they be plant, or animal. And, upon our demise, they eat us, and we fertilize them. And, yet-yet, still we act as if we are truly the owners of something, that our species can survive without air, food, water, or all the other species in the animal kingdom.
As I listened to the arrogant fool tell me that my concern was not his. I didn’t get angry, nor did I get an attitude. I simply said, “Duly noted.” Which means, I heard him. I heard him with every fiber of my physical being, my mental being and my spiritual being and you know what? I feel sorry for him. Just as I feel sorry for anyone who just doesn’t “get it.” If for some reason humans didn’t need the planet, and all the various forms of life on it to exists then there wouldn’t be this concern about global warming, animal extinction, the cutting down of rainforest, the need for pure water and on and on.
 See, that guy, he doesn’t realize that in truth,  he DOES need me, and you and everyone on the planet that answers to the name: CUSTOMER. If nobody buys, then you cannot sell, and said company goes out of business. I do not care who you are, where you are on the planet you are in the service industry, whether you are selling, trading or bartering you are exchanging energy in the form of money, service or goods. And, to tell ANY cutomer, actual or potential that you DON’T need them is a HUGE mistake.
As American slides further and further into this recession, it will become clear that the CUSTOMER truly is always right. Why? People have stopped buying things they don’t need, because wages and jobs don’t accommodate wasteful spending anymore. So, houses don’t sell, cars aren’t selling, retail sales are slipping. General Motors lowered its production on SUVs, hmm….wonder why?But, no, it doesn’t stop there, America barely manufactures anything anymore, so, this will affect China, India, parts of Eastern europe and so on and so on. Because even though the labor seems to cheap to us, in other countries, that labor is big business.
I don’t know call me crazy, but, maybe the obros should think of eating something other then its own tail. Of all the technology, intelligence and so called smart people in the world… Why hasn’t anyone figured out that if you keep treating people with lives, families, hopes and dreams like slaves, animals, or hell…like they don’t exist at all–that you WILL have to pay for it! This is why recessions are cylical, because there’s an insanity factor at play. We haven’t learned anything new in the 220 years that we’ve existed. It doesn’t matter if what’s being traded is people, spices, textiles, or what—if you abuse it–it will come back to haunt you. That’s not a maybe, that’s a definite!
This apathy is the only effect of trickle-down economics that has ever worked. The elite don’t care, so eventually no one does. That is until it becomes a problem in your own home, house, lives, etc. Then–then its real. This is an illness the collective unconscious needs to heal from, seriously.
I know it sounds like I’m becoming more political, but, the truth is…I’m not. This is a spiritual conversation. How can you, me, anyone watch in good conscience as others get treated like they don’t matter? How can you go to work everyday and bitch and moan that someone or something wasn’t done to your liking, when people are losing houses and jobs everyday? And, no this isn’t “over there” wherever that is–its RIGHT HERE, in YOUR FACE. How can you not look?  How do you complain that you aren’t getting that bonus, promotion, or new toy, when people are selling off their belongings left and right just to keep gas in their cars, or food on the table? How do you do that??? Honestly, I don’t know, because I don’t have that illness. And, yes, apathy is an illness. Greed is an illness. This isn’t about the changing of an individual mind, it’s about changing the collective one. People need to stop dancing around the pink elephant in the room. They need to practice being leaders in their own lives, every moment of their lives. Have you not noticed that following behind someone never seems to get you where you really want to go? Um…that’s not an accident people. In fact, none of this is. Yes, now, now, NOW would be a really good time for us ALL to wake up.
I’ll leave you with this, when a stone is thrown into a lake, which part of the lake doesn’t ripple?
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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