Artists are born, not made. People who look at the world, view it and find humor, where others find misery… that’s an artist, that’s the court jester, that’s the comedian. It’s not easy to make people laugh. And, if you’ve ever done any comedy of any kind, then you understand it takes a special, talented, off-kilter kind of soul. And, we lost a great classic today, we lost Bernie.

Just when I was starting to accept George Carlin being gone, now, I gotta wrap my head around Bernie. Funny, I was just watching Ocean’s 13 last weekend. And, whether Barack knew it or not, Bernie was giving one  of his last performances at a fundraiser for the presidential hopeful. A performance that he was criticized for–for being Bernie. If you don’t want the artist to do their job–DON’T HIRE US! We don’t see the world like you. We don’t chain ourselves to bull-shit niceities, or worry about things like social graces! We do what most people don’t have the balls to do…we show life as it is, not how it “should” be. And, I thank Bernie for always telling it like he saw it–straight, no chaser. The court-jester is always going to be needed, because we are always going to need to be reminded that sometimes, it’s just sooo ridiculous, that you’ve gotta laugh about it. Peace to you Bernie Mac, you did a good job my man. Now, go home and say what’s up for me!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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