Wow…it’s Thursday, yippee… It’s been a whirlwind of a week. I started a new gig where I’m working for financial analysts. Now, mind you, I’ve given suits a hard time in the past, but, analysts, they’re a special kind of nerd. Very quirky group, very quirky. What’s good about working for them is I get access to things I need for my own business, a daily issue of W magazine and things like that. And, I’m working in a job that requires thinking. In my fake life, I’m an Executive Assistant, and well, I’ve been doing it so long that it actually gets nauseating. But in this gig, I get to play on Reuters (which is fun) and create fact sheets for companies. Which is part of what analyst do. See??? I think…therefore I am. I’m immersed in things I’ll need for my own retail store, not to mention finishing my own business plan. I’ll admit it, I think balance sheets are wrong, cash flow analysis are painful. But, these things are necessary for me  to do what I must. So, I’m going with it. Thing is though…it’s exhausting, this job. I’ve become such the multi-tasker that I meditate on the subway, rather than at home. No, seriously, it’s true, it started months ago. On any give day you can see me on the subway doing deep breathing exercises–it looks like I’m sleeping, but, I’m not. But, seriously…sleep has become that precious of a commodity. So, I try an work every angle to get more time to sleep.
I was telling someone at work today that when I leave the office, I consciously slow down time for myself. Because I’m a type A personality, it’s important that I take control of time and slow it down for myself after work. During the work day, time needs to go fast. I mean, yes, I’m in finance, but, I’m not a finance person, I’m an artist who needs to open up a store. So, upon exiting my work, I begin taking deep breathes and releasing the anxiety, the insanity and the quick pace of the day. And, literally go into myself and shut out everyone else. Which is smart in this city, because there are so many people ready to dump on you literally and figuratively. Right now, I’m sitting in total silence. You know what silence sounds like??? Bliss, pure bliss! The only sound that’s really noticeable is my breath and I’m loving it. So, make sure you’re breathing, it sounds silly, but, you may not be… I didn’t stop to smell any roses today, but, I did burn some candles and some lavendar essence! Highly recommended for centering.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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