Wow…the changes we’re going through are immensely amazing… Don’t you think? All the secrets are finding light. The lies told are being revealed, and people are realizing, it simply cannot go on like this.
Yes, we’re making omlettes people…as there are plenty of eggs being broken. We are getting to the point globally, that we can no longer turn a blind eye, or a deaf ear to what’s happening to us. The spirit of the human being is demanding face-time, it’s demanding to be heard and honored. And, the planet is demanding the same also. Oh, it’s not a coincidence that the planet is showing it’s frustration the same time that we are. We are one. We are reflecting it, and vice versa.
China is hosting the olympics, and all those so-called democratic soveriegns are going to have to explain how they allowed this to happen, in a country that is crushing its people with inhumane efforts. How do you go home and tell your people that you can do business with someone who beats people figuratively and literally into government submission, and then, turn around and say you believe in  human rights? You cannot.
Russia is fighting with Georgia and daring the US to get involved. And the US claims that it’s involvement is democratic–really? So, we don’t care about the main artery of oil in the Caspian sea? We care about democracy and human rights in Georgia, but, not China???? Why? Russia can’t bully Georgia sayeth the US president, but, we could bully Iraq? Hmm… I’m not good at math, but, even I can see that–that 2+2 doesn’t equal 4.
 So, what say you people of the world? Ready? Because it’s no longer about a change that’s gonna come… It’s about the change that is already here, and bring more change with it. And, nope, it isnt’ always going to be pretty. It won’t be without discomfort, and pain. And, why is that? Simple, comfort doesn’t promoted needed change. Never has, and never will. Unfortunately human beings are the animals in the kingdom that forgo intuition in favor of intellect. And, it screws us over everytime. We have to have the ground shake beneath us, to realize that we should’ve gotten a move on years ago. With all the intellect we have, we’re still the slowest creatures on the planet from a spiritual point of view.
But, nonetheless, I am excited. I am encouraged, because even if people don’t know what “it” is. They know “something” is wrong. They know life is “changing”. Some will resist, as they benefited from it, but, most will go with it, if only because of the need to survive. I’m not picky, I’ll take going with the divine “flow” anyway you want to serve it to me. With all that being said–who’s hungry, we’ve got a lot of omelettes here. And, now’s a good time to gather strength for what’s ahead. And, what’s that??? A new way of living, on a new version of earth. Or, didn’t you realize that’s what this was all about??? It’s called “Evolution.” Heehee…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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