So, it’s Friday and I’ve been working on the pad…still. I’m happy to say that I’m done painting two days short of my 2 week occupancy mark. YAAAAAYYYY!!! But still there are boxes to be unpacked, some furniture to purchase, etc…. I’ve been off this week and fielding new jobs to start. One that I thought I really wanted may happen in the coming weeks, or not at all… And, ones I had no idea I might want, are looking ever so good! So…stay tuned.
It’s funny how all that glitters isn’t gold, but, I’ve come to learn that sometimes getting what you want, means missing what you need. The job I wanted, I went  on an interview for it today, and it was fine, but, I was informed of a delay. While I was leaving, I was followed by someone who works at the agency, and she and I had a awesome dialogue. Turns out, she and I know a lot of the same people professionally, and she needed to bounce some ideas off of me regarding her career. She jumped on the gig she has now, because she was made to believe it was a dream job—it ain’t! She fell prey to the old bait and switch. They sell you on how great the company/job is, how it could do so much for your career, if you just jump through these few thousand hoops! Yikes! People… no hoop jumping! Companies will lie to get you to sell your soul. They will! As this was an agency situation, I have yet to discover if I still want the job they may or may not be getting in the near future. But, that situation with the unhappy person??? That was a lesson for me.
And, did I mention that while I was at this interview for the job I thought I wanted, I got a call from yet another agency for a job I didn’t know I wanted? And, that is looking really good! It’s in my industry, the one I’m most passionate about: entertainment. See…? Never saw it coming, but, its welcomed anyway. Soooo welcomed. I think this kind of situation happens all the time in life. Whether it be your job, your relationships, or whatever… What is glittering aching for you to grab it, may not be the gold itself, but, the knowledge behind it. And, as the saying goes… “A fool and his money are soon parted.” “Wonder what they say about a wiseman and his money???? Probably something like: “He’s rich!” LOL….
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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