I am at a utter loss to explain the absence of substance in today’s society regarding relationships. Do people really think that they do not have to do anything to be in a relationship? I mean, they say beauty is only skin deep for a reason!
Seriously, I’m really tired of people thinking that they can maintain any sort of relationship without putting themselves out there. You simply cannot. You’re just going to find that your front door has been replaced by a revolving one. So, he’s hot, she’s hot…you look hot together. And? After you’ve rocked each other’s world–then what? Do you know anything about one another? Better yet, do you want to know?
Me? I’m all about the substance of a relationship. The fact that he understands that I’m turned on by good conversation more than a hot bod, is up there. Yeah, it’s called psychologically stimulated. If he and I can’t watch a football game together, and then discuss music, politics or share our goals and aspirations…Dude… we’ve got nothing! If he’s not into having a good time with me, while doing utterly nothing… He’s gotta go. And, that’s all there is to it.
Sure, it’s nice to have eye-candy… I’ve had my share, but, once my eyes are full, you’d sure as hell better have something else going on, because I’ve got a million other things to do (on average). And, too many times I’ve heard people say, “Yeah, but, he’s hot!” Uh…okay…and? When do we leave adolesence regarding these things? There are so many emotionally immature people walking around thinking they know what it takes to be a good partner, and then they find out…they have no clue. Putting out—and really putting yourself out, are completely different. In fact, arguably the physical variety is a lot easier thatn the emotional one. Eye-Candy…is all sugar, has no nutritional benefit, and gives you a high for about… I don’t know… two weeks. LOL And, then???? You’re hungry!
I don’t tend to keep anything around that isn’t beneficial to my life– before you ask, yes, that includes people. I’ve gotta be able to learn something from you–you need to be a enhancement to my life experience. Otherwise… go be someone else’s filler. I’m trying to have 9 course meal, not a meal of condiments. You know what I mean? Keep it moving if you don’t have the goods! I starve for no one!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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