Yesterday I was high. And, it was a spiritual high unlike any I’ve ever experienced before. For yesterday was the day my business partner and I, gave birth to a new, beautiful, blessed Expo. Yesterday, was the first Grounded Energy Expo. And, while today, you may not have heard of it. If you are “conscious”, if you are “awake”, you will. You will hear about us, and perhaps see us sooner than you think.

When you’re open, and you choose to listen to those voices of inspiration that ask you to do this, try that–you are being given the opprotunity to be the you–you only thought lived in your dreams. And, yesterday, I was her. Yesterday, my business partner and I, along with some amazingly talented souls, laid the foundation for an expo that will help normalize how people who are a bit more in-tuned with the unseen world are viewed. Yep, we’re pretty normal. Surprise!!! Psychics aren’t always weird.  Your co-worker could be a very talented palm reader, or tarot card reader. Or, your buddy down the block may be one of the best astrologers you never knew existed. Your highschool teacher, could also be a powerful Reiki Master Teacher, ready to help you become a better version of yourself.

For the first time out, for our debut, we were blessed with a good amount of participants. The energy was relax, but, enthusiastic. It was an effortless excitment without anxiety. It flowed. It was, in essence, everything my guides said it would be. Yes. Yes, this was inspired by spirit. This event came about because a psychic, sitting at her kitchen table, heard the call to action. “You have met a great group of people, you should do something with this group. And, she (my business partner) will be your partner. And, the purpose of this expo will be to normalize who you all are, and what you do. So, that people will understand that they truly do call the shots in their lives, and that they aren’t as different from  you as they’d like to think.” So, what did I do??? I chose to listen, I emailed my soon-to-be business partner (and, dear friend) AND SO IT IS.

The Grounded Energy Expo’s slogan is: “Connecting far-out ideas to down-to-earth people”. Meaning: It’s not about us, its about you. It’s about us helping people to understand that intuition is “normal” (whatever that means), it’s part of being human. And, while some of us may have been born with that sense a bit more heightened than others, for the most part, its available to everyone. Whether you require the tools of cards, reading lines in the palm of some one’s hands, or the angles of the stars and planets–its available to you. Hope, happiness, love–the universe is always, always available. And, any feelings of disconnection, usually means we are disconnected from the divine within. Discover the universe within–discover the world. 😉

So, yesterday, as I saw strangers coming in to see us, be with us, learn from us and teach us, I felt so clear that I glowed.  Which was confirmed by my wonderful friend who was the happy face that greeted everyone at the door. Who, by the way, was glowing right back at me. That was the energy of pretty much everyone yesterday, they were glowing as they were clearly where they were supposed to be. As I was walking home yesterday (read: floating), I knew that this thing that my friend and I had started was the beginning of something very beautiful. It was repeated by every practitioner I talked to: “We’ve got a good group here, we only need to get the word out.”

Why, oh why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this, because I know that you are no different than me. I know that you have a purpose for being here just as I. Are your in alignment with yourself? Are you the person you’ve only dreamnt of being??? If not, I can tell you this, its easier than you think. When you hear that call, that tug, that feeling that says, “this way”… and, the magnetic energy of it makes your soul sing… GO WITH IT! Go past the fear, the anxiety, the what if(s), the I don’t know(s), and do it anyway! When the fear is so overwhelming that you could scream and cry–do it, scream and cry and… GO WITH IT anyway! Because in the end, its worth it. In the end, you’ve changed the most important life in the world that you can–your own. And, if you can change, you are an example to others that change is possible, hope isn’t just a word, and your life can be whatever your choose and are willing to work for.

So…hear me now, feel me now… The Grounded Energy Expo has been born, and we’re looking forward to a very long run. How about you? What wonderful idea did you manifest today?

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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