Don’t ask for help, unless you want it. Seriously… If life has gotten too hard to bare, and you don’t know where to turn. Don’t say, “Oh my God, I need help!” Unless you want it, because it always comes… ALWAYS! Perhaps  you don’t understand how the universe works, perhaps you truly think the law of attraction is a “secret”, but, it isn’t… you’re just not paying attention. You’re either asleep, or fighting to stay that way. And, if you don’t want to wake, that is your choice, but, again… don’t ask for help, unless you want it.
I meet people all the time, and I may know you for a second, or I may know you for years, but, all in all, our meeting, should we have one, is NOT an accident. It is NOT a coincidence. It is one of us answering “the call” of the other. Do you understand?? If I show up in your life, it is because I’m answering a call. If I show up in  your life and I listen to you–which I always will, and I hear you say overtly or subtly that you are ready for a change in your life… I’m going to tell you how to acheive it. Do you understand? So…don’t freak out when I tell you all the things you’ve been thinking to yourself, but, have said to no one. You were heard, so, there’s no need to freak out. If you thought you were alone… well now, you know… YOU AREN’T, WEREN’T AND NEVER WILL BE. Do you understand? If you’re reading this… you’re ready to wake up. And, if you’re reading this… you can never go back to sleep again. 😉
I get told all the time how I am “too much”, but, I am not. I am enough, and maybe more. If I’m listening to you go on about what bothers you, it is my job to reflect to you–you. So, that you can decide whether or not you want to take control of the chaos you allowed your life to become. I asked someone once, “What’s the difference between a student, a teacher and a preacher?” The answer? None. As they are all the same. It is the vocation of providing people with tools to have a successful life, or being in the position to recieve tools. That being said, it is the “student’s” choice as to whether or not they want to use the tools given them. And, make no mistake, we have all been one of these things many times in our lives. Do you understand?
I say we live in magical times, because we do. I say we live in a universe filled with miracles and blessings, because it is so. But, the choice is up to you to decide that you will see what’s always been there, and hear what’s always been spoken. It is a test of courage, it is a test of flexiblity and growth. As, that is all change means–you must allow who you were to parrish, so that you can become who you want to be. And, no, this isn’t a beautiful transition. No, it isn’t easy. And, yes, there will be pain. I don’t dress up the facts, nor spoon-feed what I know with a dollip of sugar. Wearing kid gloves implies that you cannot do what needs to be done, in order to become who you’d like to be. Even if you do not believe you can–I do. It’s all a matter of doing the work, committing to the work, and being disciplined. Is change really possible? And, the answer is… If you say it is, it is.
When I say these things…I speak for many, and I mean MANY. There are soo many souls out there wanting to help, answering a call, going through their own trials and tribulations to be of service to “The great family”. Compassion, love, forgiveness, consciousness, oneness… Those words will trigger a lot in those who are ready… And, should that happen, not to worry…you’re teacher will find you. LOL… But, understand, when one of us does… we expect you to WORK. Like I tell all who I come to and vice versa. If you are thirsty… I will give you a cup. But… get your own damn water!” Guides, messengers, teachers… we have maps, hammers, nails, books, pens, paper, words…etc. But, we CANNOT and WILL NOT do you work for you. Got internal demons? Heal them… They want to be heard and healed. That’s a blanket statement I can make. Don’t fight them… hug them. Hugs, kisses, laughter… those are the tools of the wisemen and women… Those are the salves that heal the wounds no one can see. Are you ready? Are you ready to become whole? Are you ready to become you in your highest, purest form? Here’s a hint… if you’re reading this… YOU ARE. So, watch out for me and my people… We’re coming. 😉
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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