I spent a great deal of this evening saddened by a blog attacking one of my near and dears today. I want to apologize that you had to endure, what in my opinon was a verbal lynching done in a public place– words that could have been written in an email were placed in public domain and offered to an audience ignorant of the entire truth. I am sorry. I  am sooo very sorry.

For those who are reading this, I would like you to know that my good friend came to my defense in a situation where they felt I was mistreated. And, the person on the recieving end of the critcism felt it was necessary to name-call, be mean, and blog with more venom than found in any pit of snakes I’ve ever known. And, yet, this person asks that humans treat eachother with kindess. I doubt you’ll get the meaning of that contradicton, as I do not.

Needless to say, I can hold my own in any situation. But, friends hurt for one another when one has been injured.  And sure, in this moment, I could choose to behave in a way that I would later be embarassed for, but, truly, that isn’t who I am. I am not one to hold grudges, or hold onto anger, as anger is a toxin that always kills if held onto. I just hope the perpertrator (hmm… I just misspelled) feels better about themselves with the actions they chose to take.

The truth—I’ve said it is better lived than learned. And, while I and my peeps, my tribe have been accused of being arrogant, jugdemental and all sorts of other things. The truth is, our heart chakras glow for all of humanity. The law of one says, that we’re all connected, and when we act, we’re all affected. So, I think on these things before I act. I have no problem with who people are, what their life styles are… just that if you deal with me, do so with respect and honesty. That is what was being defended: respect and honesty.  And, that is what why my friend was so viciously attacked. And, they deserve an apology. And, since, I do not expect it to be from the person who so mercilessly ranted on and on about how they were mistreated, while they slashed through me–yes, me, my people are me–then, I will be human enough to offer one. I am deeply, deeply sorry.

Two words: Universal law

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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