So, I’m tired. I’ve been just going at this living thing full force–is there any other way? Um…no. Not for me. In the last two days, I’ve just been using a lot of energy for the betterment of myself, my endeavors and those I hope to empower. And, I’m pooped. Yoga and Qi Gong needed…stat! And, I’m on that…for real, for real!
So, what’s the dealio?! It’s been my observation that a lot of my dude-friends are having to face those age-old questions of, “Who am I? What’s my purpose? How can I be happy?” While the dudettes are being asked to exhibit the strength, wisdom and perserverance that they may have been hiding from themselves and others. And, everyone is having a hard time of it, or at least they are very uncomfortable. And, you’re gonna be annoyed with me, but, the truth is: you’re exactly where you need to be. The times are changing, the earth turns and whether or not you’re down with the change–you here, so you gotta go with it!  That being said, I always remind people there’s two ways to approach change–fighting it, or flowing with it. But, not doing it, isn’t an option. I repeat not changing ISN’T AN OPTION!
I’m also aware that this change means some people, some situations are going to be fading into the background of my existence. And, while sad: I’m going to choose to b okay with it. At the same time, some who think that they’re leaving aren’t and never will. I think those involved know exactly where they are in that scheme. In any case, I’ve chosen to leave the door open for people to enter and leave at their leisure. I’ve come to realize that if a person is resisting change an open door is a lot more scary than a closed one. A closed door can be ignored, or pushed to the far corners of one’s mind. But, an opened door is constantly nagging your curiosity. You can see, hear and smell life on the other side of it–it can taunt you to the point of torture. We’re in a time where ignorance is no longer bliss, but, purgatory. And, hey, if you have to be slightly uncomfortable to give you pause that the jig is up—the buck o’ bullshit need to end, and you need to grow up…well…so be it. We all went through physical growing pains to become who we are, you really didn’t think it was that simple, did you?!   That would make human beings simple–and we aren’t. So…to my people in the thick of their transistions…keep going kids…it will get better, but, most of all…you will be better!
Love Peace Happiness N One.

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