A Life beyond Illusion
It’s just that I don’t belong here…
Where fear pollutes the air, that love must purify.
And, darkness devours hope like the last ray of sunshine.
This isn’t life, at least, not mine!

I don’t understand this separation
These illusions that all things are unequal and we are islands…
Floating away from our center and downstream…
–Certain to fall.

How am I supposed to detest, despise and foam with hatred?!
I see my eyes, my face, my heart reflected in every living thing–
Even if I do not recognize myself, I know I am there!
And, I am responsible for me.

I will not walk with the rest of you…
Inmates of a broken society ready to meet its end.
I will carve my own way, and on it I will BE.
A path carved with tools formed by my own thoughts.

A spark in a mass of conformity…I will question!
A fish swimming upstream to spawn evolution; I am a rebel.
The shrill of truth in the silence of collective self-doubt– that is my voice!
You trust, not even yourselves.

I am not of this ignorance…
Nor, do I feed off this confusion.
Through smoke and mirrors my face shines in yours…
Will you look with me? And, see yourself?

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