Seriously, I  have to acknowledge this week and all the insanity, chaos and blessings that came with it.
It’ all started with those global um… “leaders” meeting at the U.N.–I’m not political you know this, and we’ve talked about it. But, I knew because the U.N. was in session I would be effected. I live in NYC, that’s just how it is. So…I knew on Monday, I’d be late to work everyday even though my gig is wait…nevermind it’s near the big crater in the ground aka ground zero–anyway, it had to be a week full of music because  it was one of the ways I dealt with the influx of humans who took the subway and made it that much more crowded. Yep, more morning breath from a complete stranger, chased with the shocking fumes of B.O. of another stranger. LOL… Music heals, it saves lives, it creates a temple in the depths of the 1st circle of hell known as the morning rush hour! Hallelujah! LOL
Second, I’d like to acknowledge the miracle of finding sanity in the midst dealing with familal chaos. Thank you God/dess! They didn’t kill me because I refused to die, and therefore, they’ve made me stronger–dude…people really needed to pay attention to what Obewan Kanobi  said right before Vadar struck him down. You just don’t want to release that kinda energy into the ethers if you’re calling it enemy. The body…it’s a vessel, don’t get it twisted. Nah…won’t go into the familal chaos…it doesn’t deserve the time or energy. People choose what they like– just wear those consequences as proudly as  you wear that ego. Okay?
Finally, I want to acknowledge all the strangers that become friends for seconds, months years and lifetimes. This past Friday night, a complete stranger gave me a glimpse of my potential at 49yrs old. The time of the crone. And, you know what? I’m gonna be one hot crone! LOL!!!!! Yo, my soon-to-be 33 looks like some people’s 23. And, this woman’s 49, looked like some people’s 39! Soooo…Hot damn, I’m staying on this path! That woman provided me and my maiden friend with some serious wisdom. Enough pearls to make a necklace with matching earrings, ya heard! Here’s how it works…the secret. You get exactly what you ask for. And, I, asked for help with this maiden I’m helping. Powerful woman in the making, she requires a village, and I asked for one Thursday morning, and the universe..answered–yeah, like always, but, I never get tired of being amazed by it. Turns out, the maiden asked for help just the night before–hey, did someone ask for express delivery? So…unlike most people, I’ve learned to recognized my gifts, and dude…I’m all about that thank yous! So, as I hugged this woman last night I said to her, “Thanks for coming!” When you get gifts you say thank you! When you ask for help in whatever capacity you need it and it comes, recognize it and say thank you! Gratitude should never be underestimated, its pretty freaking powerful!
33…did you know that in numerology that is what’s called a Master Number? What’s that? I know…I’m always sending you somewhere to learn something new, but…hey…I make learning fun! LOL  Now, go ahead you know you want to know…Master Numbers  See…not so bad, you learned something new… Who loves you?!   LOL… Anyway, I’m sooo beside myself with the sigh of relaxation I have by living so calmly in this skin. Of course, you know, I’d share it if I could and those who share space with me, will tell that I do as much as I can. But, the real thing? Well…you gotta go get your own, it’s kinda part of the whole life thing. But, it can be done. That’s it… nice preview for my b-day…
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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