If you’re sensitive like me, then yesterday brought the energies that finally got the last of the dust-bunnies out of our lives, consciousness, energetic spheres… Meaning: Anything that no longer fit the profile, the big picture, or contributed positively had to find an exit.

I’m old…and, I like it. I like being too old for bullshit in its various forms. –The kind that comes wrapped up in pretty paper, and the kind that comes on silver platters. Bullshit is bullshit, and it’s all useless. I’m really tired of people telling me how “…hard their life is”, and that’s why it doesn’t get better. Nevermind the effort they didn’t put in. And, no, whinning doesn’t count as effort. Really??? Shut up. No…I’m not even yelling at you, I’m saying it quite calmly… shut up. You’re embarassing yourself, and the experience that is called adulthood, not to mention wasting time and energy–not just mine, but, yours. Babies whine because they are ill-equipped physically, mentally, and emotionally to help themselves, that’s why they have parents. But, when you’re obviously not a baby anymore, and you’re making the same choices (read: mistakes) over and over again, and then start whinning that it’s not going your way… You’re either crazy, or delusional, which, of course means crazy. And, I’m bored with crazy people, it’s too common, it’s become a crutch for too many, and the fact that the rest of us have to be bothered with you is more than selfish, it’s fucked up!

Truly, I have no problem scraping my psyche, and my life of all whinners, complainers, quiters, weaklings, and spectators. Clearly, life isn’t for you, because see, while life can be a magical, wonderous place, it also demands you put forth effort for its rewards. Why people are confused about that is beyond me, as this has been how it been since the beginning of the beginning. If you want the good times, you’ll put forth the good effort. And, true adults (read: mind, body and spirit), they don’t mind the work. In fact, they welcome it. As life only gets better, the more you apply yourself to it. It’s like sex, you can work for a real orgasm, or you can fake it. And, yeah…a lot of you out there are faking the orgasm of life, and the rest of us know it, but, only some of us will actually tell you. And, request, that you don’t bother at all. If you found that crass, at least you understand what I’m saying. 😉 –No apologies.

Life is so much better when it’s drama-free and simple. Bullshit does not enter here. It’s not condoned, tolerated, and is pulled out from the roots and left to die. If you want “the good life”, do “the good work”. If not…stop complaining…no one is listening to you anyway.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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