It is my intuitve opinion that 98.67% of people on our globe are willingly in denial of the truth. Truth of what?? I ask you–does it matter? If you aren’t dealing with the truth in any aspect of your life, does it matter what that aspect is?? The short answer: No. I’ve come to realize, that we purposefully, willfully allow and encourage ourselves and others to shirk, distrort, or close our eyes to the truth most of the time. And, that–that is the crux of our problem as a species. Yep: “You can’t handle the truth!!”

Happiness and truth are inextricably linked. You cannot have one without the other. So, if you see or hear the truth, and immediately find yourself throwing sugar on it, reaching for rose-colored glasses, or, just simply ignoring what you’ve seen and heard–you are moving further away from happiness and closer to struggle, misery, and unrest in more forms than you probably imagine. So, why? Why do we do this? Well, it’s quite simple– we’re brats! lol!!! Yes, it sounds funny, but, indeed it is the truth. We have real issues with not getting our way all the time. We have problems understanding that we truly don’t have a say in how other souls choose to conduct themselves. If we spent more time exploring the creativity of being who we are, and who we’d like to be, we wouldn’t have the energy to impose on the freewill of others.

It’s funny because I hear people talking about power and influence. Such as: governments, religious organizations, schools, parents, bosses, husbands, wives,  teachers…etc… People truly believe that others have power over them. And, the truth is…it’s YOU who’s given your power away–not they who’ve taken it from you. But, wait…let’s dig deeper. Power over others is the ultimate illusion… Truly it is. You cannot destroy what you cannot create. Every, and I mean… EVERY dyanasty, empire, or massive organization that’s tried to usurp the power and freewill of others have FALLEN!!! Do you research people… these so-called powerful people ALWAYS FAIL in the end. And, ALWAYS end up in a tragic position. Their so-called reign over others never last as long as the suffering for the violation of universal laws. Think on that before you buy your next batch of denial and fear. Think on that before you throw yourself at the feet of another, who, in truth is no better than you in the realms of light, but, your equal.

When you realize that duality, isn’t so much a separation, as it is a different form of the same thing (even the moon has a dark side)… it changes how you precieve the world. You see the games people play, whether it be consciously, or unconsciously… And, then, you must decide if you want to continue to be in the illusion– to be part of the willfully ignorant. Or, if you want out and to try something different. Will you listen to the voice of your soul in the silence when it screams it’s had enough, or will you choose to continue to follow the drone of the lost, distorted and confused? What am I talking about??? Oh… you know… I know you know… It’s time to wake up… Wake up… If you’ve had enough… Wake up.  98.67% are walking around in a willful, ignorant, lying stupor… So, the question is… What are the 1.33% doing? What do they know that you don’t?? Hmm… better wake up. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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