Happy New Year! I’m so excited to work with the new energies that came in with the 12/21/12 portal. It’s been quite the adventure thus far. Yes, that strange energy in the air, that surrounds everything, making it feel new, odd, out of place… Yes… that’s what we’ve all been talking about. As you may have noticed, there’s no escaping it, there’s only working with it. And, to do that, you must go back to the drawing board of yourself and realize… What was, is NO MORE. It’s gone, baby, and it ain’t coming back! Exciting isn’t it? Or, if you’re a pessimist, it may be frightening. Ahem…if you are a pessimist, you may want to click away from here now, because I don’t serve that kind of energy.

So, why is 2013 going to be disruptive? The simplest answer is, because new energies have traveled far across the universe to help up elevate our way of being. We are in the midst of an evolution of consciousness. And, in doing so, we will forever be changing how wo go about everything. It’s been slowly been happening for quite a long time, helping to ease the transition for those who would welcome it. And, for those who would ignore…well… you’re either going with it, or be prepared for things to get worse! Now, I personally expect every one to embrace these changes. Why? For the reason we’ve always accepted change… some of us actually want to survive this, we don’t want our lives to be taken from us because we’re too proud, stubborn or yes—stupid to change. Sure, it could take a few lifetimes, to get the hang of it, but, hey, who’s counting? Yeah, don’t count…that could be counter-productive.

I decided at the end of 2012, that along with my decision to purge all unhealthy habits, and food from my life, I was also going to purging unhealthy people. And, the result thus far has been utter happiness, healthiness, and according to some, I don’t seem to be aging, and on top of it… I glow! Please pause for my happy dance…. 🙂

Being a lightworker is quite the experience. You get the call first, you feel the pull to make changes first, and you get to go through the hardships first. So, when I tell you that I’ve been detoxing, it has included all the die-off symptoms that come with detox. Yes, there’s been headaches, nausea, vomiting, weightloss, crying, breakouts, pain, etc… No, I’m not just talking about food, but habits, and people. I cannot keep telling all of you what I know, if I don’t truly know it. And, I know it, I DO! Releasing what’s been harmful to you, isn’t easy, but, oh my lord is it worth it! We can be quite twisted in how we become addicted to unhealthy food, situations, and people! Oh, you know what I’m talking about, don’t act like you don’t. Yet, we claim that we are happy, that it’s just how we are, but, in the same breath… we complain! And, given my profession, which you know I adore doing… I get to hear a lot of complaining–no, that’s not quite true… I cut people off, when they start with that stuff.

Honey, if you’re a mess–it’s your fault! Did you read that?? It’s YOU–it’s not them, or it, or they… it’s YOU! And, this year, will continue to offer you both the solutions, and the opprotunities for you to not only see that it’s you, but, to help you own it and change it! The time for blame, finger-pointing and victimhood left with the last year. And, now, we’re in a wonderful time of personal power. Even if you refuse to own it, doesn’t mean you aren’t using it!– Even if it’s to hurt yourself.

My practice is here to provide insight, and tools to help you identify what you don’t like about your life, so you can change it! When I use reiki, I am providing energy to remove the blockages you create through counterproductive habits, ideas, or beliefs–these things can actually cause a blockage of energy flow. Thus, you have your unhealthy body screaming at you with, “Hey, you are killing us over here! Do you think you could stop and help us live?! Hello! Can you hear me?! HELP, not HINDER!” Again, you know what I’m talking about. Stuck ideas can cause lots of blockages… think arteries, breathing, etc… And, when things are blocked, if you’re carrying around bacteria, fungus, parasites and all sorts of things that thrive on your stuckness… now we’re in a dis-ease state. Dis-ease… yes, you’re in a dis-ease, way before someone gives it a medical term, and name! What’s at dis-ease? Your SPIRIT! That’s what! And, when the essence of who you TRULY are is at dis-ease, your body, or  your spirit house, will eventually show it. Pretty friggin logical if you really think about it, thus, your doctor tells you a positive attitude goes a long way in helping you to recover.  –What I’m saying is… YOU CANNOT HIDE YOUR MESS! You cannot HIDE unhappiness, misery, stale, stuck, dying energy… it’s coming, it’s going to scream, it WILL be heard. And, yes, you will and do hurt yourself to get your own attention! We DO IT ALL THE TIME! I don’t have to go over the many ways we hurt ourselves to make a point do I?  Here’s a hint… look at the New Year’s resolutions people make. I will stop….. I will start…. I will begin… I will do…. better. I will be…  Well, they aren’t saying those things because they are totally happy with themselves, are they?

So, here we are in a glorious time where you all are getting universal support to help you, if help is what you choose. And, I for one am not only excited, I’m going to cheer everyone on in my personal life by NOT being available to those who wish to blame others, complain, point fingers and do nothing to help themselves. Okay, I actually don’t take clients like that either. Life requires ACTIVE participation, not PASSIVE. Nothing in  your life is “just happening” to you. I really detest that saying, “Bad things happen to good people”. We may not always readily understand why or how we create things in our lives that are unsavory, but, that doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible. Remember Karma? You know her right? Or, her friend, Law of Attraction? The thing about that is this… They don’t get a day off, they don’t forget and they always deliver. So, what kind of energies are you putting out into the world? Who are you allowing into your life? What kind of energies are associated with them? The bottom line is: There are no victims, there are choices, and those are many. And, if you don’t like the way something is going, just like you had the power to get yourself into a situation, you have the power to get yourself out.  And, yes, damn it, you do have to get off your ass, and apply yourself!

We’ve been misinformed in that we’ve been taught that we have to put up with each other’s mess, or fix it, or clean it up. And, then we wonder why we fight with one another. It’s simple… Not everyone wants their mess cleaned up! Not every one wants to admit they are a mess. And, some people stupidly think that someone wants to deal with their mess, when they, themselves cannot stand it. Okay, I’m not a huge advocate for logic, by any means. But, that shit makes no sense. If you can’t stand yourself, why should anyone else?! So…I’m done with that. I’m done with those kinds of people. I honestly do not ask anyone to deal with any part of me that I cannot deal with. I’m constantly working on myself, that’s my life–that’s the choice I made. And, my life reflects it. So, after 38 years of analyzing, identifying and changing… I’m not about to allow anyone to come in and cause chaos and confusion. I don’t care what his name is! Or, how hot, how cute, how charming he is! I don’t care if she’s my best friend, stylist, co-worker, or soul mate. If your shit is stinking up my life–you and it must go! Buh bye! And, please, please understand, if who I am really is too much for you—say good bye! I’m okay with it! Not every experience is for everyone, nor is every person for everyone. Yes, another myth, that we all have to like one another… Nope… no we don’t. There’s nothing that says we do, either. Thank goodness.  Once upon a time, my little brother said to be that I was a “polarizing” person. And, he followed it up with this, “I realized, that all leaders are.” LOL… He’s right. I am polarizing… even the people who like me, get irked by me. But, what exactly am I irking? I’m irking, annoying, and clearly pissing off that egotistical side of us, that is too friggin lazy to BE the change we wish to see in the world. Yes, “Everyone (but, me) needs to change for the better!” — You do realize if we all had that ridiculous thought process, NOTHING WOULD EVER CHANGE, right?! Oh, wait… that’s what we’ve been living in!

Yes, yes, we can have compassion as far as our nose, our house, our front yard, or people that we know. But, the rest… who cares?! Who? Who indeed– the collective, the all that there is hears that attitude, that choice we’ve made, and sends it back to us. So, the nasty remarks we can make about the hurt of others we DON’T know, somehow finds its way back to us, to someone we DO. BOOM!  Did you learn something? Do you get it now?! We don’t have to like each other, but, we are all one, nonetheless… And, the universe, in its loveliness continues to teach us this lesson. We’ll all learn compassion, love, respect, and honor even if it has to hit us like a comet in our own back yards. Sad…but, look at the world, better yet, look at your microcosm in it…and, then tell me I’m wrong. This is your choice… you can see, feel, and hear the truth of all of us… that we are more alike than not, more family than strangers, or you can continue take your chances with the consequences of ignorance.  But, I’ve made my choice a long time ago. Ignorance and its consequences aren’t my thing.

So… it’s you baby, its you. When you have issues, they are yours to heal, not the worlds, not your friends, and not your partners. It’s time– it’s your time, to show up, not for the rest of us… but, for YOURSELF. If you’re ready… the universe is as well. All that’s required is a genuine YES, and your CONSCIOUS effort. Are you awake, yet? No? Hold on to 2013… you will be!


Love Peace Happiness N One,





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