As I navigate the current shift I am in within myself, I’ve come to realize I have even less tolerance for persona versus people. How funny we all are, how manipulative, such liars for the sake of ego… It sounds ugly when I put it this way. But, the truth is…it is, what it is. People are in a constant state of hiding, running, denying and gaming. So much so, that we think it’s normal, that it’s what everyone does. Yet, we complain that the world isn’t what we would want. We say we want the truth, that we can handle it, but, if that is true– explain the world… better yet, explain  yourselves.

It’s funny how people react when they find out I am psychic. I literally watch people go from a state of shock, to shrinking their aura, and going within themselves, afraid they might be seen. Too late, I saw you way before you knew about my abilities. But, why? Why are you hiding? Who am I to you? Who are you  any of us? And, why do you feel the need to hide who you are? Silly isn’t it? Why do you care, what other people think to the point, that you’re willing to hide who you are?

I am an artist, I’m friends with artists, I’ve dated artists. I know a lot of people who are talented at many things whether it be art, business, spiritual, etc. Truly, as a species, we are great creators. But, what I am in most awe of these days are people who are comfortable being themselves. Yesterday, I was at an event where there was a Q & A session with a celebrity. And, this gentleman is up in years, and though he is handsome, the most lovely thing I noticed about him was his comfort within himself. It was totally refreshing, inspiring, and very alluring. He was not a “celebrity”, but, a talented man with a job as an actor. How lovely!

Sometime ago, I realized something important about myself. I am NOT what I do. What I do, is an expression of who I am. To confuse what I do, with who I am is dangerous. If I am for some reason unable to perform as an actor, singer, psychic medium,  etc… Do I cease to be myself? To some, far too many, that is the case. We get so wrapped up in our talents, that we think that our talents are us. I’ve dated some incredibly gifted artist, musicians, etc. And, I’ve noticed that some really do create persona(s) to please, appeal and seduce their audience. The audience never gets to see the true person behind the persona, which in truth is the creator of the art that people fall in love with. Soon the audience is telling the artist who to be, how to behave, what’s acceptable, and what isn’t. And, why is that? Simple: When you create art for the audience, rather than creating it from yourself, and sharing it with the audience–you’re getting lost, you’re being manipulated and are manipulating.  The next thing you know, every performance is about the applause, and not the material created to be shared. We see this happen everyday.

It isn’t just art, it’s work, it’s family, friendships, relationships. When you are changing and rearranging for “applause”, a “pat on the head”, “gold star”, “bonus”, etc…  You are going to lose your sense of self. Is this cause for shame? I don’t know, but, it does inevitably cause us to feel lost within ourselves. It causes resentment toward ourselves and others, regardless if we can put it into words. There’s an imbalance of power, and what was an opportunity to share, has become a battle of wills. And, the underlying tension in all these types of relationships is the result. People who create for the joy of it, now look for formulas to create a positive reaction from the “audience” whomever they may be.

I am at the point in my life, where I am releasing relationships with people stuck in persona, and unaware of realness. To be quite blunt–I find them unattractive. It’s like asking me to fall in love with the idea of someone, or the idea they’d like me to have of them, rather than the person themselves. Who can truly fall in love with anything, or anyone that isn’t real? No one.  –Not truly. Sooner, or later, we all must be ourselves, whether we want to or not. And, that is when the truth of who we are, and what we are is revealed. And, yes… we will all see you. So, again, why bother with the pretense, the games, the masks, the show, the persona(s)? They are just your own creations that you got lost in, and for a time, perhaps some will willing get lost with you. But, then again, there are those of us, that wouldn’t bother to get lost because we refuse to engage in the first place.

The magic we create moment to moment in our lives is nothing short of miraculous. It doesn’t matter, if you bake the most perfect cake, sing the most exquisite songs. It doesn’t matter if your writing transports others into another realm. Or, you create a process, programs, or manage them with awe, respect or money as modes of appreciation.  No…it doesn’t matter, truly. What matters is the creator with the abilities to express themselves in such beautiful ways, that they can affect many from this one effort. One source, touching so many through his/her expression of their own divinity.

REMEMBER THIS: The magic comes from the MAGE, the magic is NOT the MAGE.

While I am being honest about how I’m feeling about the shifting of my conscience and how I react to what was, as it leaves us all… Many are feeling the same way… Status Quo, the way it was, the way we did things… They are falling by the wayside. They are leaving as we are being given opportunity and clarity to remember what’s important. It’s not the services we provide one another, it’s those that choose to serve that are most important. It’s not the the applause that make our hearts glow, it’s the expression of the heart itself. In the recognition of our true selves, we are able to recognizes one another, and appreciate that when we are true, honest and honorable in who we are–we remind others to do the same.

So, 11… A master number reminding us that yes, we are masters, creators, innovators. 44, group consciouness, the heart and the restructuring thereof.

So masters, it’s time we restructure mass consciousness, by being masters of our creations, not for applause, but, for the simple joy of creative expression. I’m willing to say, I believe that was the original of intent in the creation of all that there is: The JOY of self-expression.


Love, Peace Happiness N One,


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