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“When Monica first told me about Reiki I was very skeptical, but I agreed to have her treat me. Monica made me feel very at ease with the whole procedure, I was very tense and as soon as Monica started I felt the stress disappearing. She was able to sense other places that were sore with that I didn’t mention. I had a right side mastectomy 5 years ago and my right arm tends to tighten up, this is something I didn’t mention to her, but she sensed that that area needed attention and she gave it extra TLC. Long story short, after having Monica treated me I am now A BELIEVER!! – Jenny Saldana http://www.jennysaldana.com

“I met Monica at a psychic fair. I am open to the awareness that others have traits and abilities that I don’t, and was curious. Monica seemed surrounded with a calmness and serenity. When we started talking, her questions were direct and she immediately seemed aware of my concerns. I hope to see her again.”  – Margret, Breezy Point, NY

“When I met Monica, I thought she was extremely intuitive and sensitive. My first reading was surprising direct and, in retrospect, pretty spot on. I can always count on her for an honest assessment of my well-being, and advice that is well-intentioned and timely.”  –  Joanne, Breezy Point, NY

“My experience of Monica Hall has been one of many experiences that include empowerment,growth,clarity and focus. I feel that Monica brings to us the opportunity to look at ourselves in a way that serves in leading us to the True LIFE experience. Her sincerity is clear and constructive and ultimately can lead to a healing experience if we are open to it. Her Spiritual work is a way of Life for her. Its like music is to me. Monica carries her practice in her daily Life practices and conversations serve in getting across that she is True to her convictions and beliefs. To me… and I’m sure to many.. her blogs are a mix of both poetry and guidance which I believe come from her artistic background. As one can see her talents range from acting to writing to voice-overs on to the corporate world which gives Monica a true grasp on the sensitive realities that we face today in ourselves and society. I believe this gives her an upper edge in zoning on on the problems we face today in ourselves and in our surroundings. If I were to compare Monica to a melody I’d say she possesses the improvisational skills of Jazz, the discipline of Classical music, the edge of Rock and roll and the gentleness of Folk music. Aside from being an amazing conduit of Healing I definitely consider her an artist of both the creative world and Life. Monica has been an ongoing supportive True friend which to me is what defines the characteristics of a real human being at the end of the day. Allow her into your work place and your it will proper, your home and it will be Blessed, your Life and you will be better for it,. you’ll find that the word treasure will live up to its meaning. Keep up the great work Monica,.may I use your own words in saying,…You’re an amazing being!” – Edwin Vazquez, Brooklyn NY  http://www.edwinvazquez.com

“Monica’s readings are amazing! She is detailed and precise. You might not hear everything you think you wanted to hear. However, she helps you realize and understand why you might need to make certain changes in order to be happy and live your best life. She is a “human x-ray ” and takes her readings very seriously . Oh and don’t be surprised if a loved one or two that has crossed over, comes through with some specific words of advice. Monica is there help those who want to help themselves. Follow her advice, you will start to notice and feel energies starting to shift, you’ll be on the right path!” – Vanessa Landberg, Brooklyn NY

“Monica is one of the many mentors/spiritual teachers that I’ve met along my path to help put “Humpty-Dumpty” back together again. Where she came in was she helped me to remove many of the layers of my false persona that I had laid on thick over the years to help me to see who I really am. She did this by guiding me through the arduous and sometimes tortuous process of disassociating from my intellect and reconnecting to the wider realm of who I am through feeling. Additionally, her immense intuitive gift helped me get a broader perspective of situations that I didn’t see on my own that undoubtedly helped me make wiser decisions. You can always expect her to give you the direct truth sometimes tenderly, sometimes abrasively, but ALWAYS with your best interest at heart. If you truly want to take your life to higher more WHOLE level WITHOUT half-stepping or pussy-footing, Monica will be MORE than willing to guide and help you through the process by sharing with you her own insights along the way. BUT, take heed, if you’re not willing to play full out in the re-awakening of who you are, not only pick up your slack, she will happily move on without you.” – Ike Love , Brooklyn, NY http://theviablealternative.com

“I’ve known Monica for over 3 years as a healer, an adviser, and as a friend. Monica is a rare individual who can offer a kind and honest advice in any situation and lend her abilities to anyone in need. But beware; her feedback will always be direct so if you are looking to get a compliment, look elsewhere. Monica’s insight, advice, and support assisted me in my life for as long as I have known her. I am honored to know her personally.” – Irina, Brooklyn, NY

“I have been blessed to have healings and guidance from Monica for many years now. Her remote healing work has helped me through the stresses of grad school, moving, and other big life changes. Her ability to sense what I need to get centered is, at times, uncanny and often helps to heal my physical ailments as well as help me clarify what I need to do emotionally and psychologically to manage my personal, professional, and spiritual challenges. Last year, I faced a stressful three-day exam, some emotional personal stressors, and my TJM acting up simultaneously. I called to talk with Monica and get some remote healing to help my jaw pain. She offered me guidance about facing some personal truths that I was avoiding and through the remote healing she was able to move energy moving through my blockages. This shift relaxed my jaw and I felt a warm calm fill me. At one point, I actually felt some of the muscles in my back, that were carrying tension that I was not aware of, heat up as they were releasing. These movements in energy also helped to unblock the mental wall that was building up the week prior to my exam and I was able to enter it more relaxed and confident. I have also received intuitive counsel from Monica. Her dedicated practice to honing her clairvoyant skills and her ability to communicate with spirits and angels regularly inspires me. She has helped me understand my own abilities and helped me remember the vital importance of developing them from seedlings into a brave inner-knowing. Last fall, I had a very intense direct experience with an unknown spirit. I was away on a trip with some close friends, one of which was having a tough time in her life. Her father passed some time ago but checks in on her regularly. I felt a cold almost brooding entity enter the cabin where we were staying. We were all at the dinner table and I began to talk to the spirit because it was not someone I recognized. My friend piped up and told me it was her dad. I was able to allow him to talk to me and tell her what he needed to say. It was the first time I spoke with a spirit that I didn’t know and Monica was able to help me understand what it was that allowed me to do that. My talk with her about it was enlightening and has helped me to continue opening my being to receive this type of communication. Monica will guide you and help you see truths even if you don’t want to look at them. She is also a tremendous distance healer and can help you understand how that work is accomplished. She truly is a conduit of healing through her intensive Reiki practice, her personal counsel, and her intuitive development skills.”  -Heather, San Diego, CA

“I met Monica at a mutual friend’s bachelorette party, and she immediately emitted a positive energy that encouraged me to keep in touch with her. Over the next couple years, I had several Reiki and a couple intuitive reading sessions by her. Monica is professional, positive and forthcoming. Her reiki is focused and powerful. I enjoyed my sessions with her, and even recommended her to my mother.” – Jacqueline, New York, NY

“I have been studying Reiki with Monica and have gotten my level 2 certification so far. I feel like I couldn’t be in better hands. I have felt safe and protected through the process of unblocking my own energies and opening myself through Reiki with her guidance. It has been intense and intimidating to access these deeper levels within myself and I am so happy to have Monica to call on when I need help. She is supportive, direct and gets right to what needs to happen. I trust her completely and wouldn’t be able to do this work if I didn’t. I can’t recommend her highly enough!!! xo” – Becky, New York, NY

“Monica has been my light worker mentor, intuitive reader and friend for the past several years and I am so blessed. Yes, the journey has been intense and yet extremely rewarding. I initially wanted guidance and insight on a relationship. She was totally correct about that relationship and countless other issues. Fast forward to the present moment and now I am working on developing and getting comfortable with my own intuitive abilities. There have been many days that I had to face and deal with my shadow self in this process. With Monica’s help, she has been able to guide me through this journey wisely. Just knowing that she has been there and done that, is priceless. If you are not ready to hear the TRUTH and do YOUR own work, please, please don’t call Monica! Seriously! Monica’s gift is not only her psychic ability, her ability to help you become your own master, so that in turn you can help others on their journey. Embarking on this journey is hard intense work, but ultimately rewarding beyond measure! Thank you Monica for being! Love you girl!” – Stacey, Winston Salem, NC